Big Bang Makes Some Noise


PHOTOS BY EMILY ARONICA // APRIL 16, 2014 //  The seventh annual Big Bang fashion show and performance showcase took place on Saturday, April 12 in the Curry College Student Center. Hosted by the Multicultural Student Union, the event featured student models, performers and even a drag show. Moreover, money was raised for a pair […]

Empty Extinguishers, False Alarms Have Students Heated

Photo by Mr. Beaver//Creative Commons

BY ANDREW PENACHO // APRIL 14, 2014 //  The good news is that the fire alarms in residence halls at Curry College clearly work. The bad news is that some students seem to think fire safety is a joke. In the 886 residence hall and others around campus, people have being pulling fire alarms as pranks […]

Big Happenings With a Bang


BY KENNETH SCOTT // APRIL 11, 2014 // Curry students are bringing the noise to campus on Saturday, April 12, with the annual “Big Bang” showcase in the Student Center gymnasium. The college’s Multicultural Student Union (MSU) has held the show since 2007. What started as a campus fashion show has grown into a talent showcase […]

Dorm Damage Fees Rile Students

South Campus Residence Hall (SCRH) is one of 17 residence halls on Curry's campus.

BY TAYLOR EVANS // APRIL 2, 2014 // When something is damaged in a residence hall, someone has to pay for it. At Curry College, it’s usually a lot of people. Depending on the extent of the damage, a whole floor of students or an entire residence hall can be billed—and often are—to repair or replace […]

Good Hoops and Fun for All


PHOTOS BY EMILY ARONICA // MARCH 31, 2014 //  College staff, professors and students took to the hardwood on Thursday, March 27 for the annual exhibition basketball game. The staff/faculty squad defeated the students, 54-45, in the Student Center gymnasium.

Faking it ’til They Can Make it


BY TANYA WILLIAMS // MARCH 31, 2014 // It’s no surprise that underage drinking happens on college campuses. However, you might be surprised by just how much happens off campus, in restaurants and bars. In 2002, a Harvard University study found that nearly 18 percent of underage college students owned and used false identification. More recently, a […]

Tuition to Rise…Yet Again

PHOTO BY SalFalko // Creative Commons

BY JACKSON CARMUSIN // MARCH 25, 2014 //  When you’re paying $32,800 for one year of college tuition, adding $950 to the total doesn’t seem like much. But now think about what you could do with $950. That’s the amount tuition will rise at Curry College next year. Fees are also increasing by $50, to […]

Budgeting for the Broke Student


BY TAYLOR EVANS // MARCH 19, 2014 // The majority of college students are broke; it’s just the way it is. I know I am. After working all summer we often think we’ll have enough money to last us through the next academic year, but it never works out that way. If you are the […]

Will Weed Ever Be Fully Legal?


BY BRYAN LUIS // MARCH 17, 2014 // Social acceptance of marijuana usage is on the rise. A Gallup survey last fall showed that a majority of Americans—58 percent, in fact—think the drug should be legalized. In Washington and Colorado, marijuana is legal for recreational use. Both states made the move in 2012, following voter […]

Club Hopping


BY RYAN HATHAWAY // MARCH 6, 2014 // As we approach midterms, the stress of academics can be a lot to handle. For those looking to blow off steam between weekends, clubs are a great way to refocus your energy and attention. Curry offers an assortment of options for outdoor activities and indoor interests. Students […]

College Says New Dorm Still on Schedule for Fall 2014 Opening

Artist's rendering

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // MARCH 5, 2014 // Housing deposits are due March 25. But some students are wondering if they’ll actually have a place to live on campus next semester. At the beginning of the fall 2013 academic year, Curry didn’t have enough beds on campus to house each of the 1,400-plus students who […]

Costco: A Cheap Dining Experience


BY PETER BOUGIOUKOS // MARCH 1, 2014 // Most people know Costco as a wholesale superstore. You must buy a membership to shop, but can then purchase a huge array of bulk products. What most people don’t know about Costco is that it’s a pretty great place for cheap in-house dining. For the college crowd, […]

A Professor Who Put Others First


BY HAYLEY LORGE // MARCH 2, 2014 // Dr. Benjamin Hidalgo brought a distinct style of teaching to Curry College when he joined the psychology department in the fall of 2012. Hidalgo created a casual environment within his classrooms, allowing conversations to flourish and encouraging debates to ensue. The goal, according to Hidalgo, was always […]

Education Against Sexual Assaults


BY ELAINA DRUID // MARCH 1, 2014 // Sexual assaults are a big problem on many college campuses. It is estimated that one in five women have been sexually assaulted during their college years. There were at least three reports of sexual assaults on campus at Curry College in 2013 alone. To educate students about […]

CAO Search Drawing to a Close


BY RYAN HATHAWAY // FEB. 25. 2014 //  Curry’s search for a new chief academic officer is entering the home stretch, as the field has been narrowed to the final four candidates. After the departure of former CAO David Potash last May, the college has worked to identify and hire a new academic leader. Potash, […]

Fun for the Under 21


BY HAYLEY LORGE // FEB. 24, 2014 // Boston is known as the perfect college town, which should be ideal for Curry students considering we’re just seven miles from it. However, what makes Boston so great? When most people think about a college town, they think of the fun nightlife, the clubs and the bars. […]

That’s the Ticket


BY MOLLY SIMON // FEB. 24, 2014 // Looking to get discounted tickets for sporting events, concerts, or plays? Go online, of course. SeatGeek is a great app that can be downloaded to both Android-powered phones and iPhones. All you have to do is add the desired dates and times of your desired entertainment, and […]

Setting the Record Straight


BY JACKSON CARMUSSIN // FEB. 20, 2014 // It was 50 years ago that The Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” the group’s U.S. broadcast debut. Most college students are familiar with The Beatles, but few know anything about the band’s many musical inspirations. If you watched the recent Grammy’s tribute to The Beatles […]

Curry Athletes Expand Their Teams


BY MARISSA BRUNO // FEB. 20, 2014 // The Curry softball team added an 18th player to its roster last semester. Lauren Dunn, of Hull, Mass., officially signed on to join the Colonels Sept. 29. But she isn’t your typical college player. Lauren, 11, was diagnosed with fibrous histiocytoma, a rare type of bone cancer, […]

The Truth About Relationships


BY TANYA WILLIAMS // FEB. 14, 2014 // At Curry, as well as many other colleges and universities, the term “relationship” is rarely used. There are the select few who subject themselves to the joy and/or hell of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and good for them. But why do so many college students refuse to […]


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