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Are You a Slacker?

PHOTO BY LINTMACHINE, creative commons

BY JOSEPH CAPOZZO // April 16, 2015 // The end of the semester is fast approaching. Exams. Research papers. Final projects. It’s a lot of stress, which begs the question: “Does it have to be?” No! If only you weren’t such a slacker! I’ve been called a slacker before, and in some respects I agree. But there are certain assignments

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Dating in the Digital Age


BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // MARCH 31, 2015 // Each decade has a staple idea of relationships and how to approach them. It wasn’t until after the 1980s that cellphones became popular, probably due to the influence of the dreamy Zack Morris (of “Saved by the Bell” fame, of course). But the use of technology in everyday life has seemingly taken

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