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Freedom of Relationship Choice

PHOTO BY MTSOfan // creative commons

BY COLE MCNANNA // NOV. 21, 2014 // There are two types of college students: those who are in a relationship, and those who prefer not to be in one because they enjoy the freedom. College is often looked upon as a four-year party. You’re having the time of your life with your future groomsmen or bridesmaids. You’re not necessarily

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Study Abroad, But Travel Far

The "old town" in Stockholm is worth the trip. // PHOTO BY MIGUEL VIRKKUNEN CARVALHO // creative commons

BY COLBY CALISI // NOV. 19, 2014 // Most college students tend to do a study-abroad semester somewhere in Europe. But wherever you study, you will have time to travel outside of your host city. With limited funds and time, you must choose wisely. Here are a few top destinations from my time abroad. Berlin, Germany Once the black heart

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SGA Walks and Stumbles


BY EMMA SULLIVAN // NOV. 6, 2014 // The Student Government Association, with the help of several other clubs on campus, came together for the Blue Light Walk on Thursday, Oct. 29. The walking tour of campus spotlighted the emergency systems available on campus and included information on sexual violence. The “blue lights” are speaker boxes with huge, blue lights

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