From Jordan, with Love and Purpose


BY COLBY CALISI // DEC. 17, 2014 // Dr. Susan LaRocco is working from off campus this academic year. Way, way off campus. The longtime Curry Nursing Department professor is living, learning and working in Amman, Jordan on a Fulbright Scholarship. The Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to 8,000 U.S. students and scholars each year to work, […]

New Chief Academic Officer at Curry

PHOTO BY CONNOR GLEASON, courtesy of Curry College

BY RYAN HATHAWAY // OCT. 7, 2014 // Dr. David Szczerbacki is among the newest employees at Curry College. But with 35 years of experience in higher education, Curry’s chief academic officer is hardly new to academia. Szczerbacki joined Curry in June of this year, replacing Dr. David Potash, who is now president of Wilbur […]

A Professor Who Put Others First


BY HAYLEY LORGE // MARCH 2, 2014 // Dr. Benjamin Hidalgo brought a distinct style of teaching to Curry College when he joined the psychology department in the fall of 2012. Hidalgo created a casual environment within his classrooms, allowing conversations to flourish and encouraging debates to ensue. The goal, according to Hidalgo, was always […]

Armed and Determined

Fruwirth_action Edit

BY BRANDAN BLOM // DEC. 13, 2013 //  From an early age, Kevin Fruwirth was impressing people with his ability to throw a football. Daniel Fruwirth, Kevin’s father, remembers a day when Kevin was 7 and tossing a football around during his dad’s slow-pitch softball game. Everyone said that little Kevin was going to be […]

From Kuwait to Curry and Beyond


BY BRANDAN BLOM // DEC. 11, 2013 // Coming out of high school, Shannon Wallace enlisted in the Navy because she didn’t believe she had what it took to succeed in an academic atmosphere. Many years later, Wallace is now on schedule to graduate this month from Curry with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “When […]

‘They Just Call Me Vine Girl’


BY MATTHEW GLEASON // NOV. 5, 2013 // We live in a world dominated by social media. Whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other digital platform, everyone can share his or her thoughts and observations for others to consume. But most people reach only a relatively small number of “consumers.” Curry freshman […]

Hoop Dreams and Lessons


BY COLBY HOYLE // MAY 8, 2013 // This is the third in a series of profiles featuring graduating seniors.  The sun was beating down on the pavement last summer, making it nearly unbearable to play. But that never stopped Ryan Rawnsley or his younger sister, Bryanna, before. Rawnsley was then a rising senior at Curry College, […]

The Long Road


BY TAYLOR O’BRIEN // MAY 7, 2013 // This is the second in a series of profiles featuring graduating seniors.  The road to West Virginia is a whole lot of nothing. On a good day, the sun might peak its head over the Appalachian Mountains, illuminating a rotten piece of road kill that lost its […]

Kids, Courts and Support


BY KEVIN DIFFILY // MAY 6, 2013 //  This is the first in a series of profiles featuring graduating seniors.  A lot of people watch shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” for entertainment. Joneiha Veiga, however, is more upset by them than entertained. “You see all these TV shows…and it gets me so […]

Hunter…Biker, Writer and More

English professor Allan Hunter has restored nearly 20 antique motorcycles and lived in Madagascar, Belgium and Italy as a child. // COURTESY PHOTO //

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // DEC. 12, 2012 // The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is as old as it is cliché, but in the case of Professor Allan Hunter, it really is fitting. With gray curly hair and a British accent, he is a living caricature of an English literature professor. But […]

Just Dance

dance featured

BY ANDREW BLOM // DEC. 11, 2012 // The next time you’re out and about on campus, be careful. You may find yourself stuck in the middle of a “dance off.” OK, the Jets and Sharks of Leonard Bernstein’s 1957 Broadway musical “West Side Story” aren’t around. Neither are the dance troupes of Austin Powers […]

Personal Discovery

Admired for his laid back, non-lecture style, Sandy Kaye, with student Ian Ward, is a popular English professor among undergrads. // PHOTO BY ANDREW BLOM

BY VANESSA KELLY // MAY 15, 2012 //  Professor Sanford Kaye, better known as Sandy, is a tall man with wispy white hair. On campus, he’s always dressed in a suit and is almost always sporting a smile. Kaye is something of an institution at Curry, where he has taught English and various writing courses […]

Perfect Pitch

Whether it be through singing or helping others, Lauren Holmes says all she really wants to do is make people happy. Right, with Curry Professor Doug Koch.

BY SEBASTIAN HUMBERT // MAY 15, 2012 //  Lauren Holmes was a little late for an appointment. She had just finished auditioning for the chance to sing the national anthem at this year’s graduation. It’s something she did at her high school graduation and Holmes wanted one last chance to be heard at Curry. A […]

Lending a Hand

From organizing Alternative Spring Break to other service projects Caressa Kislus's work and passions come together to help others. // PHOTO COURTESY

BY ANDREW BLOM // MAY 15, 2012 //    On the front door of Caressa Kislus’s office, located on the second floor of the Student Center, is a poster that carries a quote from Mohandas Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s a message aimed at those who enter her […]

In Pursuit of Justice

Although finance is something of a family business, Jeremy Kittredge wants to pursue a career in law. // PHOTO COURTESY

BY COURTNEY DIBIASIO // MAY 15, 2012 //  Jeremy Kittredge’s father, Dave, works in finance and even owns his own company in Pennsylvania. is an online financial guide that helps young adults manage their money. But Kittredge, a sophomore at Curry, has no intention of joining the family business. There simply isn’t enough action. […]

Love at First Bite

While vampires try to suck the life out of you, Professor U. Melissa Anyiwo works to energize and challenge students. // BY BRENDAN BLOM

BY BRANDAN BLOM // MAY 15, 2012 // It was a summer night in London. The wind was howling and the leaves on the trees were fighting for their lives. Up in her bedroom, a young Uzoamaka Melissa Anyiwo was oblivious to much of the noise. She was lost in yet another new book, this […]

The Wonders of Discovery

From his tattoos to his love of punk rock, Benjamin Brunder isn't your typical librarian. But it's his uniqueness that enables him to connect with students. // PHOTO COURTESY

BY MICHAEL WEISS // MAY 15, 2012 //  We’ve all seen the typical “Hollywood” version of a librarian at one point or another. You know the one: an old, crotchety, gray-haired woman with horn-rimmed glasses who shooshes you to be quiet. To be sure, Benjamin Brudner isn’t out of Central Casting. But he’s also not […]

From Touchdowns to Toddlers

Though he sometimes gets the "Kindergarden Cop" comparison from others, Hason Margeson destroys the stereotype of what it means to be a macho man. // PHOTO BY

BY ANDREW BLOM // MAY 10, 2012 //  “Wait, we have a duck over here,” said Jason Margeson. The 24-year-old, with arms the size of an ordinary man’s thigh, rose from a small blue chair that was built for a toddler. He then reached under a table to turn off a toy that someone had […]

The Secret Weapon

As academic success coordinator, Lynn Zlotkowski works closely with students to get their education back on track. // PHOTOS BY  BRENDAN CRONIN

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // MAY 10, 2012 //  Lynn Zlotkowski has been rooting for the underdog as far back as she can remember. As academic success coordinator at Curry College, she continues to do so. As a sports fan from Buffalo, N.Y., Zlotkowski knows a little something about underdogs. She has witnessed her beloved Buffalo […]

Things Happen for a Reason

Many students are unsure of their futures, but Kendra Patick has sought a career in health services for the better part of the past eight years. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // MAY 9, 2012 //  What began as “just a job” ended up becoming Kendra Patick’s calling in life. As a freshman in high school, Patick landed a job at the Greenwood Nursing Home in Wakefield, Mass. Patick worked as an activities coordinator, planning BINGO contests, karaoke nights, crafts projects and spa […]


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