Hugs and Drugs


BY ANDREW BLOM // APRIL 19, 2012 //  In 1934, Henry Miller’s sexually explicit novel “Tropic of Cancer,” a semi-autobiographical account of his own exploits as a struggling writer, was published in Paris, France. Due to Miller’s descriptions of his sexual encounters, it wasn’t until 1964, after the Supreme Court ruled the book was not obscene, that it […]

Modernity and Antiquity


BY ANDREW BLOM // FEB 13, 2012 // “Sunrise doesn’t last all morning.” George Harrison said that. In a song.  He’s dead now. Yet, for some, the things they said and did, and how they lived, tend to stick around. Sadly, the ‘60s and early ‘70s are over; Harrison recorded his “All Things Must Pass” […]


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