Enjoy What Boston Has to Offer

TD Garden

BY BRANDON METEVIER // OCT. 15, 2014 // With downtown Boston just seven short miles from campus, it’s easy to take advantage of city life, which includes everything from art and theater, to sports and quality dining. As a freshman, I always figured it would be hard to get off campus and take advantage of […]

Finding Adventure in Beantown

Boston Common // PHOTO BY SELBE B, Creative Commons

BY JAMES MCMANUS // OCT. 2, 2014 // For 19 of my 20 years, I have lived in various neighborhoods of Boston. Experience teaches what guidebooks cannot, so I hope to educate those new to the area a thing or two—or maybe even three—about the wonders of Beantown. Getting Around Boston is a confusing place. […]

Driving the Boston Music Scene

Bands like The Hideout aren't in it for money or modest notoriety, let alone fame. They simply love to play music.

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // OCT. 3, 2013 // Boston is home to a wealth of concert venues that attract big-name artists as well as huge crowd demand. The TD Garden has hosted some of the biggest acts in the world in recent years, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna, the Foo Fighters and Justin […]

Boston on the Cheap

A tour is given at the Samuel Adams brewery. // Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/mroach/3336864000/sizes/m/in/photostream/

BY JUSTIN SOME // FEB. 25, 2013 //   Many Curry students are apprehensive about spending time in Boston because of the cost. While it is true there are a lot of expensive restaurants and events in Beantown, there is also much to do for college students on a tight budget. Most people know that […]

A Restaurant that ‘Works’

Boston Beer Works' Canal St. location. // breweries.findthebest.com

BY BRANDAN BLOM // FEB. 4, 2013 // If you ever find yourself wandering around Boston looking for a good place to eat with a fun atmosphere, you should head over to Canal Street near the TD Garden and check out Boston Beer Works. Just a short walk from both the orange and green lines […]

A Cold, Wet Education

In Boston alone, there are 8,000 homeless people. // 123RF.com //

BY NICK IRONSIDE // NOV. 14, 2012  // Freshman Joseph Negrete realized last night that he didn’t only miss his bed in Miami, Fla. He was also missing his bed here on campus. Negrete is part of a first-year inquiry class that spent last night sleeping outside on the academic quad between Hafer and AAPC. […]

Orchestrating a Scene

The music scene on Curry's campus has room to improve. // STOCKVAULT.NET

BY ANDREW BLOM // SEPT. 11, 2012 // People always have something to say about music. Bob Marley (yeah, that guy on the poster on your wall smoking a joint was also a musician) once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” I’ll even sell out to the […]


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