Natural Selection

Christian Rodriguez_web Natural Selection featured

BY KELSEY MARCHETTI // NOV. 19, 2012 // This is not a fire drill. In actuality, it’s far more real, more natural and organic. Like a swarm of bees hovering around their hive. Walk past Lombard Hall, one of Curry’s freshmen residence halls, on most any Friday at around 11 p.m. and you’re bound to […]

Squeezed for Space


BY BRANDAN BLOM // NOV. 16, 2012 // Curry’s Milton campus is pretty big; 135 acres to be exact. But that doesn’t mean space is unlimited. Entering this academic year, the college didn’t have enough dorms rooms to meet the unexpected demand. As a result, 33 lounges across four different residence halls were converted into […]

Maximizing Dorm Space While Minimizing Hassle

There are different ways to maximize the space you have in your dorm room. // FOTER.COM //

BY ILANA FRIEDMAN // SEPT. 20, 2012 // One of the hardest parts of settling back into school is figuring out how to set up your dorm room. Space is limited, but creativity doesn’t have to be. Here are three keys to maximizing your storage space and making your room feel like home. First of […]

Town Health Inspector Called to Campus

A WBZ reporter stands next to Public Safety chief Brian Greeley, while director of Residence Life, Erik Muurisepp, talks on his phone in front of Main House residence hall. // PHOTO BY NICK IRONSIDE

BY NICK IRONSIDE // SEPT. 6, 2012 // A Curry junior took some bold steps this afternoon to shine a light on his basement dorm room. Peter Maxwell Jr., a communication major, called the town of Milton’s board of health department today to file a formal complaint about his living conditions. The town’s health and […]

Curry College, On or Off?

She came, she saw, she left. Shay Sinnott decided to move off campus after freshman year rather than deal with the poor behavior of fellow students. //

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // APRIL 2, 2012 //  Shay Sinnott had had enough. As a freshman living on campus in the fall of 2010, she didn’t get along particularly well with her roommate and she struggled to relate to many of her fellow State House residents. But the actual tipping point came when her entire […]


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