We Are Not Children Anymore

Some students take too much advantage of life without parental supervision at college. // STOCKVAULT.NET

BY JILLIAN DESOUSA // SEPT. 18, 2012 // Our parents don’t want to admit it. They all think their children are perfect angels who would never do recreational drugs or drink a little too much. We are adults. We now have the freedom and the ability to do things we were never allowed to do […]

Chris Herren, Former NBA Player, Speaks About Addiction


BY BRITTANY JENNINGS // APRIL 11, 2012 //   Chris Herren, a boy from Fall River, Mass., had big dreams. He played guard at Durfee High School and was a star on the court. He later scored 2,073 career points, was Boston Globe’s Massachusetts Player of the year in 1992, and was inducted into the Durgee […]


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