Why Care about What You Wear?


BY ROHMEE MATHE // OCT. 14, 2014 // College students can attend classes dressed comfortably and casually. But does that mean we should actually wear old sweat pants and T-shirts, and throw on Adidas sandals with tube socks? When we care about how we dress, we feel better and more energized the rest of the […]

Big Bang Makes Some Noise


PHOTOS BY EMILY ARONICA // APRIL 16, 2014 //  The seventh annual Big Bang fashion show and performance showcase took place on Saturday, April 12 in the Curry College Student Center. Hosted by the Multicultural Student Union, the event featured student models, performers and even a drag show. Moreover, money was raised for a pair […]

Step Out Like a Disney Princess


BY COURTNEY LEE // NOV. 20, 2013 // What little girl didn’t want to be a princess when she was young? Now that we are in college, it might look a little weird walking around in a gown to your classes, but you can still look like royalty…or, at least, royally good. Below are some […]

College Fashion 101: Everyday (Guy Edition)

Colorful sweaters, like these by Ralph Lauren, can make any guy both warm and stylish.

BY COURTNEY LEE // OCT. 22, 2013 // Just because it’s fall, that doesn’t mean guys should wear sweats every day. If girls can wake up a little early and make themselves presentable, so can you. Guys, check out the following tips on how to stay comfy while still looking stylish and handsome. Monday Just […]

College Fashion 101: What to Wear, Everyday Style

Oversized sweaters are in this fall season.

BY COURTNEY LEE // SEPT. 30, 2013 // “What to wear, what to wear?” It’s one of the biggest questions in the college world. Dress up or dress down? Look fancy or hobo chic? I am here to help college-aged students unwrap some fashion secrets, including how to look cute and trendy while on a […]

Release Your Stress


BY VANESSA KELLY // MAY 4, 2012 //  Finals are approaching and stress levels have shot up a ton. We are pulling all nighters and spending most of our time in our room or the library studying our butt off. Sleep is the last opinion, and it’s getting to be a problem. Girls, don’t worry […]

Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Curry College Fashion


BY VANESSA KELLY // APRIL 18, 2012 //  The following are some simple do’s and don’ts to get you through the year, no matter what time of year it is. There are only a few rules you need to follow: DO — dress up once in awhile for class. Especially boys! I understand it’s more comfortable to […]

Packing Lighter Is Always Better


BY VANESSA KELLY // MARCH 27, 2012 //  When you are going on a trip, whether for spring break or any kind of vacation, a lot of people have a tendency to pack heavy. No need! Less is more when it comes to packing. Most likely, you will buy something while on your trip, and […]

En Vouge In Knock Offs


BY VANESSA KELLY // FEB. 27, 2012 // A fashionable college student is a hard thing to fine. For one, fashion often involves money and a good job, which most students don’t have. So, how do you look stylish and hold on to as much money as you can at the same time? Rolling out […]


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