Own Your Own Health


BY TAYLOR EVANS // FEB. 13, 2014 // Let’s be real. Eating healthy on a college campus is hard. There are so many temptations, from the ice cream to the snacks to the junk food to the burgers and fries. On top of that, college students are busy. In addition to our classes and studies, most […]

Town Health Inspector Called to Campus

A WBZ reporter stands next to Public Safety chief Brian Greeley, while director of Residence Life, Erik Muurisepp, talks on his phone in front of Main House residence hall. // PHOTO BY NICK IRONSIDE

BY NICK IRONSIDE // SEPT. 6, 2012 // A Curry junior took some bold steps this afternoon to shine a light on his basement dorm room. Peter Maxwell Jr., a communication major, called the town of Milton’s board of health department today to file a formal complaint about his living conditions. The town’s health and […]

Things Happen for a Reason

Many students are unsure of their futures, but Kendra Patick has sought a career in health services for the better part of the past eight years. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // MAY 9, 2012 //  What began as “just a job” ended up becoming Kendra Patick’s calling in life. As a freshman in high school, Patick landed a job at the Greenwood Nursing Home in Wakefield, Mass. Patick worked as an activities coordinator, planning BINGO contests, karaoke nights, crafts projects and spa […]

Train for Pain


BY BRENDAN CRONIN // APRIL 10, 2012 //   The battle for a healthy lifestyle begins in the mind. In order to reach your fitness goals, you must eliminate the words “why” and “how” from your everyday vocabulary. Throwing away your inhibitions and becoming receptive to new ideas about fitness and health, can result in major […]

Drug and Alcohol (Awareness) for All

A one-woman operation, Emilie Clucas of the Dug and Alcohol Awareness Program has taken on four interns this year to spread the gospel of healthy living... or at least smarter choices.

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // APRIL 5, 2012 //  Taking on four interns this semester, Emilie Clucas feels that her uphill battle has become a shared and valuable journey. As Curry’s alcohol educator, Clucas is a staff of one in the Drug and Alcohol Wellness program. But she has been able to broaden her program’s efforts […]

Run, Curry, Run!

Cardiovascular exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy heart.

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // MARCH 20, 2012 // My first blog gave you a small taste of how to stay fit through diet. Now, I’m going to show you how to become a lean machine with helpful tips and tricks that I have used in the past to improve my own cardio. A trainer once […]

Lose Those Freshman Fifteen


BY BRENDAN CRONIN // FEB 15, 2012 // Have you ever wondered why you simply can’t lose weight even though you exercise frequently? Are you tired of constantly running and exercising to no avail? Well, I’m going to provide some tips and tricks that will hopefully benefit Curry students to attain their fitness/health-related goals. The […]


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