Live and Learn Abroad


BY COLBY CALISI // OCT. 24, 2014 // Studying abroad at the Richmond, the American International University in London, was among the greatest four months of my life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m so glad I took it. What I tell students is this: We have no full-time job. We have no mortgages. […]

Lasers and Skaters

Or you could go windsurfing! Just kidding, you're still stuck in Massachusetts. // PHOTO BY MICHAEL POLAND

BY MICHAEL WEISS // MAY 10, 2012 //  Students at Curry have a wide array of interests, from athletics to video games. But with the last week of the spring term ending, I’m sure most of you aren’t looking for daytrip activities. However, maybe that’s what you need more of. Think about it. With all […]

Need A Break? Take A Day Trip


BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // APRIL 27, 2012 //  As finals approach, time seems to be quickly dissipating for the opportunity to travel and have an adventure! Sure, as the workload builds up, longer travel period times do not seem to be an option. But day trips are the way to go to take a break […]

Weekend Getaway!

A beautiful day in York Beach, Maine. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

 BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // APRIL 6, 2012 //  Are you beginning to get stressed out from school? Need a break and to get away with some friends? Well one solution could be a weekend getaway! What is better than packing a backpack and going on an adventure with friends? If budget is on your mind, […]

Packing Lighter Is Always Better


BY VANESSA KELLY // MARCH 27, 2012 //  When you are going on a trip, whether for spring break or any kind of vacation, a lot of people have a tendency to pack heavy. No need! Less is more when it comes to packing. Most likely, you will buy something while on your trip, and […]

Travel for Credits

The southern side of the Duomo in Firenze, Italy is among the places a student could visit while studying abroad in Europe. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // MARCH 26, 2012 // I hope you had a wonderful spring break, wherever you went and whatever you did. For those of you still in the travel mood, or have the travel bug, what would you think if I told you it’s possible to travel for a whole semester? A semester […]

No Luggage Needed

90's boy band the Backstreet Boys // PHOTO BY ANIRUDH KOUL

BY COURTNEY DIBIASIO // MARCH 6, 2012 // Being car-less on campus this time of year won’t be as terrible as you think—there’s a bunch of things to do at Curry this month. On top of it all, we have a week off for spring break. On Tuesday, March 6, the women’s lacrosse team plays […]

Spring Break: What Are Your Plans?

Times Square, New York City — a popular weekend spot for college-age vacationers. // PHOTO BY DANIELLE HAUSNER

BY DANIELLE HAUSNER // FEB. 21, 2012 // My passion is travel. I feel that every city, town, state and country has something unique to offer to the world. Having traveled to more than 40 countries and with a variety people, I know that people choose to explore and relax in different ways. Spring break […]


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