Powering Up


BY CHRIS WILSON // NOV. 27, 2012 // The Communication Department introduced a new concentration this semester. Although still in development, video game studies has already attracted a number of students. Professor Robert MacDougall, the coordinator of the concentration, said current students have been requesting a video game major in recent years. Moreover, many video […]

Wii the People

The Nintendo Wii isn’t the most common gaming system at Curry, but it involves more physical movement than others. // PHOTO BY NICK IRONSIDE //

BY AJ SPIRITO // OCT. 23, 2012 //  Say you and your friends are looking for a way to bond with each other while getting some casual exercise. Tennis anyone? Oh, wait. It’s pouring rain outside. How about bowling? We don’t have a ride. Well I’ve got one way to settle this, and it’s a […]

Football and War on Campus

Madden 13 is one of the most popular video games on Curry's campus. // PHOTO BY A.J. SPIRITO //

BY A.J. SPIRITO // OCT. 4, 2012 // When the pens and books go away after a hardcore study session or a long day of classes, floor-mates and fellow students join in on endless video gaming fun. Here at Curry, the excitement can be heard echoing down the hallways. In North Campus Residence Hall, the […]


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