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Running As a Pack

BY ZOE STAUDE // SEPT. 25, 2015 // Running is one of the simplest ways to exercise, but it also has a very social aspect. On campus, there are always groups of two or three people running together. When there are so many others running together, it can be awkward running on your own. That’s exactly why Matt Crone and […]

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Own Your Own Health

BY TAYLOR EVANS // FEB. 13, 2014 // Let’s be real. Eating healthy on a college campus is hard. There are so many temptations, from the ice cream to the snacks to the junk food to the burgers and fries. On top of that, college students are busy. In addition to our classes and studies, most of us have jobs or […]

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You’re a Colonel, Not Colonel Sanders!

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // SEPT. 13, 2012 // Let me just say that I understand how hard it can be to eat healthy. We college students don’t have a lot of money and are forced at times to take what we’re given. But you can still get a decent meal—both on and off campus—that will leave you feeling healthy, not […]

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Train for Pain

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // APRIL 10, 2012 //   The battle for a healthy lifestyle begins in the mind. In order to reach your fitness goals, you must eliminate the words “why” and “how” from your everyday vocabulary. Throwing away your inhibitions and becoming receptive to new ideas about fitness and health, can result in major lifestyle changes. One of the […]

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Run, Curry, Run!

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // MARCH 20, 2012 // My first blog gave you a small taste of how to stay fit through diet. Now, I’m going to show you how to become a lean machine with helpful tips and tricks that I have used in the past to improve my own cardio. A trainer once told me about an interesting […]