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Sprinkler Systems Flood SCRH, Damage Rooms

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // OCT. 31, 2017 // Flooding in South Campus Residence Hall due to an activated sprinkler system sent students scrambling to find dry ground. On Sunday, October 29, students were startled by screeching sirens at approximately 12:32 a.m. Upon arrival, Public Safety determined that a fire sprinkler system was set off in a third-floor suite, sending water […]

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Sexual Assault Reported on Campus

BY COLE McNANNA // Oct. 24 2017 // An alleged sexual assault occurred early Sunday morning on Curry College campus. The incident is currently under investigation by Public Safety and Milton Police Department. Alleged assailant(s) are currently unknown. The alleged incident occurred Sunday Oct. 22, around 2:30 a.m. by the basketball courts on Blue Jay Way.┬áThe report was submitted Monday […]

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“It’s Up To Us” to End Hate

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // OCT. 23, 2017 // The Curry College Student Government Association (SGA) is standing up against recent bias incidents on campus and has produced a student-led video. Titled “It’s Up to Us,” the video was created in response to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion’s 2nd annual “What is Diversity?” contest. Although SGA was unable to enter […]

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Nightmare at Curry College

BY JACK SUPINO // OCT. 14, 2017 // As the sun set over Milton, Curry students faced their fears on Friday the 13th by daring to enter a haunted house right here on campus. Students who volunteered to be part of the Haunted Stu dressed up in clown costumes and wore creepy masks to scare their classmates in a haunted […]