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Photojournalism Class Shares Final Portfolios

COMPILED AND CAPTIONED BY RYAN HATHAWAY // MAY 6, 2016 // Traditionally I write a formal and objective introduction to these slideshows, but I’m going to allow for candidness here. In my time at Curry and experience with the journalism program, I’ve learned that one of the most important skills a young professional can bring with them into the working […]

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PHOTO GALLERY: 2016 Spring Weekend

EDITED AND COMPILED BY RYAN HATHAWAY // APRIL 26, 2016 // Spring weekend. We all needed it. Whether you enjoyed a nice beverage, sat outside in the sunshine, or just binged Netflix alone in your room with the shades drawn, this was the weekend to enjoy. Because now we’re all buckling in for finals. Staying up well past the end […]

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Curry On Break: Reliving Spring Break One Last Time

EDITED BY RYAN HATHAWAY // APRIL 1, 2016 // Spring break. The moment we’re all looking forward to pretty much as soon as syllabus week ends. For seniors, this spring break represented the last chance to getaway before graduation – and for everyone else it was a much needed week off from the grind of the semester. Curry students went […]

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A Look Behind the Curtain of the New Plays Festival

Professor Nina Hofman’s Photojournalism class stopped by the Keith Auditorium for a behind the scenes look at the production of some of Curry’s spring theater performances. The result? Lots of laughter, and some amazing photos. Be sure to attend this weekend’s New Plays Festival featuring student written plays. Original works include “Family Jewels” by senior Jillian DeSousa, “Happy Birthday Baby Girl” by […]

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Curry hosts Paralyzed Veterans Hoopsters

PHOTOS BY EMILY ARONICA // NOV. 10, 2014 // The wheelchair basketball team of the New England Paralyzed Veterans of America hit the hardwood at Curry on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The NEPVA Celtics played against Curry students, who were given wheelchairs to compete. The Celtics defeated the students, 51-41. NEPVA organizes various sport programs. Wheelchair basketball started in 1946 through […]