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Spring Break Sights

PHOTOS BY MIKE SNOW, TREVON NILES, AND MICHAEL DAVIS // MARCH 19, 2019 // Another spring break has come and gone. Some stayed closed to home. Some headed south to escape the snow and cold, while others headed north to enjoy even more. Some even headed west to seek adventure. Students in Professor Nina Hoffman’s photojournalism course captured their spring […]

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Be My Valentine?

PHOTOS BY LAURA TRAINOR, MICHAEL DAVIS, HALLE LURY, CURRY WHITE, & KENNY PACHECO // FEBRUARY 15, 2019 // Love was in the air and all around campus yesterday. Students in Professor Nina Hoffman’s photojournalism course decided to capture what the holiday meant for them.

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Voice Science Week at Curry College

PHOTOS BY LAURA TRAINOR AND MICHAEL DAVIS // FEBRUARY 12, 2019 // This past week, Curry students had a unique learning opportunity. With the guidance of guest clinicians Laurel Irene and Dr. David Harris of VoiceScienceWorks, students experienced a full week of master classes, workshops, class visits, and performances for students, faculty, and staff focused on the science, health, and […]

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Photojournalism Class Shares Final Portfolios

COMPILED AND CAPTIONED BY RYAN HATHAWAY // MAY 6, 2016 // Traditionally I write a formal and objective introduction to these slideshows, but I’m going to allow for candidness here. In my time at Curry and experience with the journalism program, I’ve learned that one of the most important skills a young professional can bring with them into the working […]

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PHOTO GALLERY: 2016 Spring Weekend

EDITED AND COMPILED BY RYAN HATHAWAY // APRIL 26, 2016 // Spring weekend. We all needed it. Whether you enjoyed a nice beverage, sat outside in the sunshine, or just binged Netflix alone in your room with the shades drawn, this was the weekend to enjoy. Because now we’re all buckling in for finals. Staying up well past the end […]