Lasers and Skaters

BY MICHAEL WEISS // MAY 10, 2012 // 

Students at Curry have a wide array of interests, from athletics to video games. But with the last week of the spring term ending, I’m sure most of you aren’t looking for daytrip activities. However, maybe that’s what you need more of. Think about it.

With all the stress and concerns you have during a frustrating week of school, there are ways to blow off steam other than eloping romantically, getting drunk and punching each other on Saturday nights.

Or you could go windsurfing! Just kidding, you’re still stuck in Massachusetts. // PHOTO BY MICHAEL POLAND

Laser tag has become one of America’s many hobbies and, in my experience, it has always been a blast. But you have to bring friends! The nearest locations are LazerZone in Randolph, and Laser Quest in West Roxbury. Both locations are approximately 20 to 30 minutes away, so hopefully you know someone with a car. For prices and hours, check out their Web sites.

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. So if you have any interest in skateboarding, then Boardwalk Skate shop and indoor skate park, located in Woburn, about a 30-minute drive from campus, may be the place for you. (Their Web site even boasts a visit by rap artist Lil Wayne!) If it’s good enough for the stars, then Boardwalk Skate shop should be good enough for the average Curry students.

For people with no skating experience, they do offer instruction programs. But slots fill up due to the 10-person limit per program. BMX bikes are only allowed in the park on Wednesdays.

Whatever your preference, it’s all up to you. Just do what you love. OK, you should also study for that final exam. But $100 says your stats professor doesn’t skate or play laser tag. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

Balls, Tramps and Fun Galore

BY MICHAEL WEISS // April 9, 2012 // 

Some students might be totally content just quietly bumming around campus all day. But sometimes it’s nice to get up, go out and be a little destructive.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a lazy day in Milton, check out some extreme possibilities in the Greater Boston area.

Boston Paintball in Chelsea, Mass., is a great way to blow off some steam. I’ve been playing paintball for years, and there’s no better way to relieve stress than playing paintball with a bunch of friends. They offer marker (gun) and equipment rentals, and have a variety of indoor and outdoor fields to play on. They also have an insane pro shop and the fields are awesome.

Dodgeball on trampolines? Skyzone thought you would like the idea, too.

If the sting of battle doesn’t suit you, or you’re looking for something closer to campus, then maybe defying gravity is your cup of tea. Skyzone indoor trampolines, right down the street in the Reedville neighborhood of Boston, might be perfect for you. They offer a unique array of different playing courts for trampoline basketball and regular trampoline sections for the average jumper. They even have trampolines on the wall to bounce from!

The only downside is that you need to fill out a waiver, as do most places with high-risk involvement. Don’t let that stop you, though…this place looks like a blast. And what’s the worst thing that could happen with a trampoline?

So, get off campus and find some extreme fun. You never know where your next great adrenaline rush will come from.