10 Things All Curry Students Know To Be True



1. Our campus is extremely photogenic.

Have you ever seen an ugly photo of our campus? We have grassy green hills, huge trees that keep us cool in the summer and give us colorful leaves in the fall, and buildings that look like fairytale cottages and others that are high tech and modern. You can’t help but think that everything on campus is Instagram worthy.

Just check out the Curry College Instagram page and see for yourself.

2. The New England weather will always keep you on your toes.

Pack your parkas and your short shorts, because who knows what the weather will bring! Fall days range from sweltering hot to a dusting of snow. After last year’s record breaking winter, students never thought they’d wish for less snow days. Although, sledding down the Kennedy Hill on lunch trays and having snowball fights were winter highlights.

3. Walking to the Kennedy Building is a major form of torture.

The hill leading up to Kennedy will have you huffing and puffing for at least the first ten minutes of class. But, if you look on the bright side, you’ll see a significant improvement in your leg muscles by the end of your first year!

4. You’ll constantly wonder if nursing students ever sleep.

Nursing students march around campus like soldiers in uniform in, only their wearing navy blue scrubs instead of camouflage. Chances are that when nursing students aren’t at a clinical, they are stowed away in the library, hunched over a stack of nursing textbooks.

5. The kitchen staff are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.

When you walk into the dining hall, you’ll feel right at home. Everyone knows your name and you know theirs. Otto, Mary, Laura, Roni, even Hassan – the gang’s all there! The staff are like a family; Jools is your cool aunt who slips you an extra piece of pie, Jason is your super edgy cousin who always has a story about some unbelievable adventure and Colleen is your mom who can cheer you up with a delicious sandwich and a smile. With their friendly faces and awesome personalities, you’ll want to get to know each and every one of these awesome people.



There is nothing like rolling out of bed at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning and sleepily making your way to the Stu just to wait in the Global Cuisine line for an hour. But it’s all worth it once you get handed a plate full of fluffy, cheesy, egg-y goodness. With tons of choices, an omelet is the perfect way to cure your weekend blues.

7. President Ken Quigley is a mysterious man.

Faster than a speeding bullet, President Quigley will be in and out of a room with a wave and a smile just as fast as he came in. When he is around, you can’t help but be captivated by his presence.

8. The Colonel is shrouded in mystery.


No, you do not pronounce it how it’s spelled. And yes, our mascot does look like the KFC guy, but who wouldn’t want to be associated with fried chicken?

9. The Bell Tower Clock is annoying, yet helpful.

Sitting prominently above the Levin Library, the Bell Tower Clock tolls and rings every hour on the hour for what seems like hours. It’s an “Old kill joy,” as Cinderella would call it. The tolls interrupt your dreams, but make sure you’re on time to class.

10. You spend all of your cash on coffee.

If someone asks you to go to P.S., they are definitely not asking to go by Public Safety. Although we don’t have our own campus coffee shop, we’re surrounded by great off-campus options. P.S. Gourmet, Marylou’s, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are great coffee stops right nearby to give you the caffeine fix you need.

The Coffee Fix

BY MICHAEL NOLAN // OCT. 22, 2014 //

What is life like without coffee? Ask most college students and they couldn’t tell you.

We take advantage of how easy it is to get coffee, but we don’t realize the amount of money we spend. According to the National Coffee Association, people in the United States spend more than $40 billion a year on coffee. Yes, that number is right. Billions!

Sure, it gets us going for that 8 a.m. Monday class, and it keeps us up to study all night during finals week. Coffee also helps us stay focused by filling us with energy (ie, caffeine). But is it worth it…financially?

PHOTO BY ZACH INGLIS // creative commons
PHOTO BY ZACH INGLIS // creative commons

The average person spends about $1,100 a year on coffee, according to ABC News. Think about what else could you do with that money! Maybe you could save up for a car. Or, make a real dent in your student loans. Maybe you could afford to eat better, or dress better, or date better.

Those specialty lattes and fancy Frappuccino’s certainly taste delicious (fat and sugar will do that!). But they also cost about $2 more than a regular cup of coffee. I hate to break it to you, but those $2 drinks add up quickly.

To save, think about investing in a coffee maker—they cost anywhere from $20 to $200—or, if you want to go fancy, a Keurig machine. Both require some up-front money, but they pay for themselves within a month, depending on how much coffee you typically drink.

Share the costs with your roommate(s), and the savings won’t just drip along…they will be equal a steady steam.

Dunkin’ Donuts in the Mix?

BY NICK IRONSIDE // FEB. 5, 2014 //

Something is brewing at Curry College.

Administrators are currently exploring the possibility of bringing a Dunkin’ Donuts operation onto campus, according to Allison Coutts O’Connor, assistant dean of students.

O’Connor said the idea stemmed from a “Deans in Jeans” meeting last semester. Deans in Jeans is a program in which Curry administrators have informal conversations with students in the residence halls, to get feedback about life at the college. Students’ desire to have a food and beverage franchise on campus—specifically Dunkin’ Donuts—was a recurring topic, according to O’Connor.

Many Curry students would like to see Dunkin' Donuts available on campus.
Many Curry students would like to see Dunkin’ Donuts available on campus.

This isn’t the first time Curry students have clamored for easier access to D&D. However, college administrators didn’t previously pursue the idea because they thought Dunkin’ Donuts would be turned off by the relatively small size of the school’s population, O’Connor said.

Students continued to push their desire, noting that colleges of similar size—such as Merrimack College in Andover, Mass., and Stonehill College in Easton, Mass. (both have roughly 2,400 students)—opened Dunkin’ Donuts franchises on their campuses in recent years. This past fall, a kosher Dunkin’ Donuts opened at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass. (3,200 undergraduates and another 2,200 graduate students).

“Universities are increasingly looking for more amenities to offer campus residents and visitors, and our brand’s flexible design options couple convenience with great-tasting food and America’s favorite coffee,” said Grant Benson, chief financial officer and vice president of franchising and business development for Dunkin’ Brands, in an October 2013 article in the restaurant trade publication QSR.

Sodexo operates food services at Merrimack, Stonehill and Brandeis, just as it does at Curry. Keith Meal, Sodexo general manager at Curry, declined to comment for this story.

“I can say that the college is in the very, very preliminary stages of exploring [having Dunkin’ Donuts on campus] as an option,” said O’Connor. “We have been in touch with the Dunkin’ Donuts corporate office through Sodexo.”

Meal and representatives from the Dean of Students office gave a campus tour to a few Dunkin’ Donuts officials last fall, to help identify a location that might be able to run a franchise. Two of the main options were the Hafer Café and the Kennedy Café.

“We’re currently only working with Sodexo and the Dunkin’Donuts corporate office to have very preliminary discussions to see if this would be an option at Curry,” said O’Connor.

“We haven’t confirmed with Dunkin if they want to have a franchise at Curry, and there have been no conversations about contracts or agreements. We’re just trying to pull all the information together.”

Elton Silva, a senior at Curry double majoring in communication and management, interned with Dunkin’ Brands in Canton for six months last year and is currently involved in a second internship there. Silva said he thinks it is necessary for Curry to make food available on campus from a vendor other than Sodexo.

“In order for Curry to remain competitive with the surrounding schools, they need to offer more options and variety for food,” said Silva.

Junior community health and wellness major Michelle Currier said she would greatly prefer Dunkin’ Donuts to the Green Mountain coffee served by Sodexo throughout campus.

“I’ve grown up with Dunkin’ Donuts,” said Currier. “It’s one of those things. Do you get a Sodexo coffee or a Dunkin’ coffee? They’re incomparable.”

Patrick Ring, a senior community health and wellness major, echoed the preference and noted the potential for added convenience.

“It would save time,” said Ring. “I’ve been late for class because I have to drive to Dunkin’ to get decent coffee to fulfill my caffeine fix.”

A Dunkin’ Donuts store is located 1.8 miles from campus, on Route 138 in Canton, as well as 1.3 miles from campus, at 1800 Hyde Park Ave, in Hyde Park.