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Women’s Lacrosse looks to build on past success

BY JASON POMBO // March 5, 2017 // The women’s lacrosse team looks to build off the 10-8 record that sent them to their 13th Commonwealth Coast Conference Tournament in the last 16 years. Despite that run, the Colonels were tabbed 7th in the Conference’s preseason poll which Head Coach Caitlin Roberts knows means little. “I don’t pay attention much […]

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UPDATE: Gun Found In Dorm, Curry Student Arrested

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO AND RYAN HATHAWAY // Nov. 8, 2015 // UPDATE: Nov. 8, 2015 10:00 a.m. A Curry College student has been arrested after a search of his dorm room in Lombard Hall revealed a gun, ammunition and a several types of illegal drugs. Darius Boodoosingh, 18, was taken into custody by Milton Police late Friday, according to a statement released […]

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Running As a Pack

BY ZOE STAUDE // SEPT. 25, 2015 // Running is one of the simplest ways to exercise, but it also has a very social aspect. On campus, there are always groups of two or three people running together. When there are so many others running together, it can be awkward running on your own. That’s exactly why Matt Crone and […]

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Take ‘Care’ in Your Vote

BY NICK IRONSIDE // SEPT. 10, 2012 // If you plan on voting in the November election, it’s a good idea to be well versed in the candidates’ positions. Whoever you end up voting for, your decision should be based on what matters most to you. Is college debt an issue in the front of your mind? Probably. Are you concerned about […]

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From Touchdowns to Toddlers

BY ANDREW BLOM // MAY 10, 2012 //  “Wait, we have a duck over here,” said Jason Margeson. The 24-year-old, with arms the size of an ordinary man’s thigh, rose from a small blue chair that was built for a toddler. He then reached under a table to turn off a toy that someone had left on. Just another day […]