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Beauty into Beast: Holi-Daze

BY OLIVIA ANDREW // NOV. 4, 2015 // The dreaded holiday season is upon us! Although we all love family gatherings, celebrations and creating fond memories, holidays can also be a health enthusiast’s worst nightmare. The holidays are a time for binging. We all do it, we pig out on turkey, mashed potatoes and pie. So, how can we tackle this particular predicament? There […]

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Running As a Pack

BY ZOE STAUDE // SEPT. 25, 2015 // Running is one of the simplest ways to exercise, but it also has a very social aspect. On campus, there are always groups of two or three people running together. When there are so many others running together, it can be awkward running on your own. That’s exactly why Matt Crone and […]

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Beauty Into Beast: A Fitness Journey

BY OLIVIA ANDREW // SEPT. 22, 2015 // When it comes to exercise and eating healthy, everyone has those days where they feel down. They swear they are going to change and that this time will be different. I was a gymless body builder for two years in high school. I took a yearlong break and got back into the routine […]

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Lose Those Freshman Fifteen

BY BRENDAN CRONIN // FEB 15, 2012 // Have you ever wondered why you simply can’t lose weight even though you exercise frequently? Are you tired of constantly running and exercising to no avail? Well, I’m going to provide some tips and tricks that will hopefully benefit Curry students to attain their fitness/health-related goals. The simplest reason people can’t drop […]