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Chief Greeley of Public Safety to Resign

BY MATTHEW WEDDLETON // APRIL 4, 2016 // Brian Greeley has dedicated over 38 years of his life to serving and protecting citizens, and after 11 ½ years as Curry College’s Chief of Public Safety, Greeley has decided to resign. The Dean of Student Affairs, Maryellen Kiley, sent out an email to students last Friday notifying students that Chief Greeley […]

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Spotlight Editor Speaks to Curry Community

BY DAHLIA DEHAAN // APRIL 28, 2016 //  The 2015 film “Spotlight” portrays how Boston Globe journalists uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the Boston Archdiocese. On Monday, April 25, the former editor of the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe, Walter Robinson, visited Curry College to speak following a showing of the movie in the Keith Auditorium. “Spotlight” won the 2016 […]

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Costly Curry; Tuition Set to Increase by 2.9%

BY MATTHEW WEDDLETON // MARCH 30, 2016 // You hear it all the time, “College is so expensive!” Unfortunately for Curry students, tuition is set to increase by 2.9% for the 2016-2017 academic year. As a private institution, Curry College is listed among top 30 “Most Expensive Colleges in Massachusetts.” For the upcoming academic year, the total cost for residents living on […]

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Forever Young

BY NICK IRONSIDE // MAY 4, 2012 //  One takes sandwich orders at the register. Another picks up the yellow Post-it note/order slip and starts putting turkey, provolone cheese and tomato on white bread. The third is wiping down tables. Although they’re usually on their feet, preparing and organizing food or cleaning the seating area, there’s an ever-present smile on […]