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What’s in it for Me?

BY NICK IRONSIDE // OCT. 3, 2012 // The first of three debates between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney is at 9 tonight. If you plan on voting, consider putting video games aside for an hour-and-a-half. Forget campaign commercials, reports that Obama leads in the polls, or that Romney has a better plan for this or that issue. Tonight

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@BarackObama: Keep Social Media Presence #ItWorkedIn2008

BY NICK IRONSIDE // FEB. 23, 2012 // An unprecedented political move that championed President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 is already being used heavily for the 2012 election. Obama’s decision to make social media a priority of his last campaign paid sweet dividends. But how will his Republican opponents use social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to

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