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Congressman Mike Capuano Talks Politics


BY JAMES BONNEAU // OCT. 7, 2015 // Congressman Mike Capuano visited campus on Tuesday to speak to 130 members of the Curry community about communication and civic engagement. Playing on over a decade’s worth of political experience, Capuano expressed many opinions about America’s present as well as many hopes for America’s future. Capuano was elected to Congress in 1998 and has served over a decade in the

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Thank You, Mr. Governor


BY NICK BUTTS // SEPT. 27, 2013 // For the better part of my life, I have been obsessed with politics and the procedures of government. I can remember following the 2004 presidential election as a 13-year-old, not completely understanding the issues but enthralled by the processes. When I enrolled at Curry College and decided to be a politics and

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Hugs and Drugs


BY ANDREW BLOM // APRIL 19, 2012 //  In 1934, Henry Miller’s sexually explicit novel “Tropic of Cancer,” a semi-autobiographical account of his own exploits as a struggling writer, was published in Paris, France. Due to Miller’s descriptions of his sexual encounters, it wasn’t until 1964, after the Supreme Court ruled the book was not obscene, that it was published in the United

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