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Tag: Public Safety

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Georgia Tech Shooting Stirs Conversation in SGA

BY LUCAS FERREIRA // Following the second meeting of Curry College’s Student Government Association, concerns regarding the safety of students have arisen in the wake of the recent Georgia Tech student who was shot and killed. Scout Shultz’s death in Georgia, adding on top of the recent assault and robbery involving a group of Curry College students that occurred last […]

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Curry Students Robbed in Off-Campus Incident

BY COLE MCNANNA // On Sunday night, four Curry students were assaulted at the Fairmount Development Basketball Courts on Bow Street in Hyde Park. The Boston Police Department’s active investigation is still searching for the suspects. Boston Police Officer James Kenneally confirmed the incident at Boston Housing Authority’s Fairmont development on 43 Bow Street, Hyde Park. Kenneally noted that the […]

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Several Cars Broken Into On Curry Campus

BY TYLER MILLIKEN // DEC. 12, 2016 // Are you someone who always forgets to lock their car because they’re rushing to get somewhere? If so, you better begin to slow down, because the consequences could be troubling. Public Safety received four different reports of cars being broken into on the morning of December 7th. Items were stolen in some incidents as the thief […]

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Coyote Sighting on Curry College Campus

BY CHRISTIANNA CASALETTO // OCT. 24, 2016 // It’s a dog eat dog world, but what happens when a coyote joins the mix? The world’s most famous coyote, Wile E. of Looney Tunes fame, has spent nearly 70 years futilely chasing the ever-elusive Road Runner. But for the past few weeks, a real-life coyote has kept Curry College Public Safety […]

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Chief Greeley of Public Safety to Resign

BY MATTHEW WEDDLETON // APRIL 4, 2016 // Brian Greeley has dedicated over 38 years of his life to serving and protecting citizens, and after 11 ½ years as Curry College’s Chief of Public Safety, Greeley has decided to resign. The Dean of Student Affairs, Maryellen Kiley, sent out an email to students last Friday notifying students that Chief Greeley […]