Opinion: SGA President Zoe Staude

BY ZOE STAUDE // OCT. 24 2017 //

As someone who loves Curry College and everything it has to offer, I have never been more ashamed and disappointed with what I have seen in a place that I trust.

In a place that I am supposed to call “home.”

I love our community and I care for all of us in it. These recent incidents have left me confused, frustrated and hurt, to say the least. I simply cannot understand how we are able to live in our world where cowardly acts of bias and hate exist.

In conversations with members of our community I have offered my support as a friend, and as a classmate. I have listened to their stories. They are hurting, they are scared, and they are afraid to be a member of the Curry College community.

When I hear these things, my love and spirit for Curry gets crushed and my heart hurts for them.

As a white cisgender female college student, I know I have tremendous privilege. I cannot possibly begin to understand how each member of our community individually feels and I will never be able to understand that. However, I do know that if anyone here at Curry doesn’t feel safe, that is something that reflects on all of us.

We shouldn’t need to help educate our community about how to treat each other with basic humanity. When our community is treated with cowardly disrespect and with hateful acts, we all feel that pain and we are all to blame that it has occurred. This is OUR school. OUR college. OUR space to be who we want to be.

In an ideal world, none of us would be writing pieces like these. In an ideal world, we would be able to come up with the right words to make our peers feel safe again.

This is clearly not an ideal world, and I don’t have any special words that will change it or magically make it better. While writing this, I still didn’t feel as if the words I was typing could come anywhere near the pain I feel inside for us all.

The only way we will make a change is if we work together. We must all come together and unite to make sure that NO ONE fears that they will be treated differently on our campus. We are supposed to be a community of care and love, and it is time we start acting like it.

We have to address the issues of privilege, bias, and unspoken acts on all levels and all around campus, including classrooms, residence halls, and even closed-door meetings. We must all stand together, as a community, and work to educate each other.

I challenge us all to move in a direction of more collaboration, communication, care, friendship, celebration, and love, rather than separating down paths that lead to disconnection from each other.

Some questions have presented themselves like, How do we move on from these difficult times? How do we share in a world of love, wisdom, and compassion?

I do not have one set of answers, a plan, or a program that will solve these issues. But we can start by having the power and the courage to stand up for our community, to work to unite each other.

I want to share a quote that has always resonated with me: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

We will NOT let hate win. We WILL stand together. We WILL overcome this, and we will ALL rise together.

It is time we start making a difference.

Student Body President Has Much to Accomplish Before His Term Ends


Student Body President Cameron Hoyt is five weeks into his final semester in his position. However, he still has a lot he’d like to accomplish before he steps down.

Hoyt is a senior Psychology major and has been an active member of the Student Government Association for the last 3 ½ years.

2016 Student Body President Cameron Hoyt // IMAGE CREDIT: CURRY COLLEGE

SGA’s purpose is to be the representative student voice and serve as the connection between students and faculty, staff, and administration. SGA tackles campus issues, plans events, and meets with senior staff to get students what they really want and need.

“Anything you want to change, that’s what we’re here for,” says Hoyt.

Some things Hoyt had a major role in implementing during his time as Student Body President include finally getting not one but two curry college geotags, and installing three new blue lights on campus.

“[Senior Class VP] Taylor Jones and I have really focused on how many blue lights we have on campus and how important they are to the safety of campus.”

Hoyt began his time on SGA his freshman year when he was elected as the freshman class Vice President.

“Right from there I knew I wanted to get more involved.”

He wasted no time and ran for the executive board the next year.

“I ran for the e-board and became the executive treasurer, then I ran and became executive vice president, and here I am as the student body president today.”

Hoyt received his position as Student Body President after Martin Heavy ’16 graduated a semester early last fall. Similarly, Hoyt will be graduating a semester early, meaning a new Student Body President will be elected before the spring semester begins.

Hoyt will offer the current Student Body Vice President, Zoe Staude his position. The assembly will then vote on that decision.

The other e-board members, Treasurer Nick Wheeler ‘17 and Secretary Paulina Adams ’19, will be offered the VP position and can either accept or decline (the assembly again has to vote and approve). If they both decline it will be the responsibility of the newly elected Student Body President to appoint a new VP.

2016 Student Government Association Executive Board. (from left to right) Secretary Paulina Adams ’19, President Cameron Hoyt ’17, Vice President Zoe Staude ’16, and Treasurer Nick Wheeler ’17. // IMAGE CREDIT: CURRY COLLEGE

But before his time on SGA is over, Hoyt has some more things he’d like to see changed on campus. These include installing outdoor security cameras in light of thefts on campus, ensuring the Wi-Fi runs properly, and informing students about changes to the student activities fees.

“We’re working closely with the student activities fee because every year it has gone up and I don’t think students notice that even though it has gone up no more events have come to campus, nothing has changed, nothing has been added…so we are looking into that.”

Hoyt continues, “I just want to be able to walk around campus and hear that students are actually enjoying our changes…people have noticed the blue lights and I want to do that with the Wi-Fi and security cameras.”

But more than anything, Hoyt just wants his fellow students to enjoy their experience at Curry College and to take pride in being a Colonel.

“I like to hear students positive about Curry because I love it so much that I want others to feel the way that I do,” says Hoyt.

Hoyt has always been an active member in the Curry community. In addition to his 3 ½ years on SGA, Hoyt was the Orientation Coordinator for summer 2016, an Orientation leader for the 2014 & 2015 summers, Resident Assistant for the 2014-2015 & 2015-2016 academic years, maintains two on campus jobs, and performed as the Curry College mascot, the Colonel, last spring with the Cheerleading team in Daytona.

“There are some ups and downs but I want everyone to really love Curry as much as I do.”

SGA is an open forum, anyone can attend any meeting. Hoyt and SGA welcome students to come and see what they’re doing for the school. SGA meetings are every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. in the Student Center large meeting room.

For questions or more information on SGA, please contact sga@curry.edu.