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Costly Curry; Tuition Set to Increase by 2.9%

BY MATTHEW WEDDLETON // MARCH 30, 2016 // You hear it all the time, “College is so expensive!” Unfortunately for Curry students, tuition is set to increase by 2.9% for the 2016-2017 academic year. As a private institution, Curry College is listed among top 30 “Most Expensive Colleges in Massachusetts.” For the upcoming academic year, the total cost for residents living on […]

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When is the Price Right?

BY COLE MCNANNA // DEC. 8, 2014 // Colleges need money, plain and simple. Without it, they simply cannot stay in business. At Curry College, student tuition, room/board, and fees account for approximately 94 percent of all earned revenue. Because the college is so reliant on these funds, rates have increased steadily over the years. And according to Curry President […]

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Tuition to Rise…Yet Again

BY JACKSON CARMUSIN // MARCH 25, 2014 //  When you’re paying $32,800 for one year of college tuition, adding $950 to the total doesn’t seem like much. But now think about what you could do with $950. That’s the amount tuition will rise at Curry College next year. Fees are also increasing by $50, to $1,665. And for those living […]

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Cost of Attendance Continues to Climb

BY NICK IRONSIDE // NOV. 7, 2012 // Knowledge might be power, but it still comes at a cost. Here at Curry, that cost has increased by an average of $1,300 a year over the last four years alone. In all, the cost of attendance for a full-time residential student—excluding PAL and before taking into account residence hall damage fees—has […]