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Small Wonder


BY KEVIN DIFFILY // NOV. 13, 2012 // In the game of volleyball, height can make a huge difference. Considering that the net is more than seven feet high, it is fair to say that the taller a player is, the better chance he or she has to dominate a game. Just don’t tell that to sophomore Courtney DiBiasio, who

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Starting with a Bang

Junior Tyla Miller and the volleyball team are off to a fantastic start. // COURTESY OF CURRY ATHLETICS

BY KEVIN DIFFILY // SEPT. 14, 2012 // The fall season is always an exciting time for Curry College athletics. Whether your interest lies with the football team, men’s or women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, women’s tennis, or cross country, there is always plenty of enthusiasm at the beginning of each season. This year, the women’s volleyball team has taken everybody

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