Managing Work and School

BY ALYSSA GALLO // OCT. 16, 2012 //

Being a student with a job is a big responsibility, whether the job is on campus or off. Either way, working students often feel as is they have little free time.

Working while in school fills up your schedule, but some people like to be busy. // WWW.DEVIANTART.COM //

A daily schedule for someone who has a job on campus is often jam-packed. Some students like this because they prefer a full schedule. But keeping track of all your responsibilities can be a challenge.

The best way to organize your schedule is to make a checklist. Write down all of your classes and when you are free to work. If you work on campus, your work-study boss will understand that your academic schedule is the top priority. Make sure they know your class schedule, too.

No student may work more than 20 hours per week during school enrollment periods for work-study jobs. You can only work 40 hours per week during vacation periods. Your work hours will be determined by you and your supervisor to meet your supervisor’s needs, as well as working around your class schedule.

Some jobs offer work hours between classes, while some are available during evening hours. Others employ students on weekends and some offer a combination of different hours. Certain people like the idea of always having something to do. Being busy is usually better than being bored.

Although having a job may be time consuming, it also teaches responsibility. But responsibility requires follow through, and you can’t let the fullness of your schedule lead to things falling through the cracks.

Make sure you always do the work that is asked of you to the best of your ability. But also make sure that academics is your first priority. After all, that’s why you’re here!

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