Wii the People

BY AJ SPIRITO // OCT. 23, 2012 // 

Say you and your friends are looking for a way to bond with each other while getting some casual exercise. Tennis anyone? Oh, wait. It’s pouring rain outside. How about bowling? We don’t have a ride.

The Nintendo Wii isn’t the most common gaming system at Curry, but it involves more physical movement than others. // PHOTO BY NICK IRONSIDE //

Well I’ve got one way to settle this, and it’s a tiny little machine by the name of Nintendo Wii.

The Wii is an amazing gaming console that allows the player to physically take control of the game. You can play tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, and even golf. If you walk around Curry, you may not find many people with the Wii due to the high popularity of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

However, some intense Wii gaming has taken place over at the North Campus Residence Hall. One of the most intense games is the classic “Mario Kart.” This game allows you to choose your character and race against 11 other opponents. There is no better moment in video gaming than a close finish in a good old “Mario Kart” race. Each player will begin yelling at the other as well as the TV once the race winds down to a finish.

Something really cool about the Wii is that you can buy your own fitness game and do actual workouts. The Wii will send you feedback on your progress. The majority of people don’t realize that “Wii Fitness” can be worth just as much as your daily trip to the gym. So if it’s pouring rain outside or it’s white out conditions during a snowstorm
you will still be able to get some exercise. The exercise will just be in Nintendo style.

When you hear people saying that the Nintendo Wii is nothing compared to the all-mighty Xbox and Playstation, just remember you can’t really get a workout from sitting down pressing buttons.

I recommend you put down the potato chips, get off your couch, and spring into some Wii action as soon as you can on campus. It makes for a great time with your friends while you break a sweat!

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