Students Get Into a Woman’s Mind


NEWS RELEASE: “The best Curry Theatre production I have seen,” said Aldo Merlo, an audience member from the opening night of Alan Ayckbourn’s brilliantly written yet absurd play “Woman in Mind.”

Directed by Professor D-L Garren and starring senior communication major Marissa Mancini, “Woman in Mind” is a very dark comedy about a woman’s reality and fantasy worlds colliding. The show opened on Saturday, Dec. 1, and runs until tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 4, at 7:30.

Marissa Mancini and Nick Doonan light up the stage in "Woman in Mind." // PHOTO BY ANDREW SCHNEIDER

Marissa Mancini and Nick Doonan light up the stage in “Woman in Mind.” // PHOTO BY ANDREW SCHNEIDER

Interestingly, Curry’s theater program last performed “Woman in Mind” 20 years ago. Sarah Elesh and Jimmie Meader, who are currently both members of the Actor’s Equity trade union, played the leading roles.

Susan, played by Mancini, is troubled by the lack of excitement and love her life has brought her. Her husband, Gerald, played by sophomore Mike Roney, is more interested in finishing his book and spending time with his miserable sister, Muriel, played by sophomore Laura Hartman. And Susan’s son, Rick, played by sophomore Ari Goldberg, chooses to leave home and marry a stranger rather than continue to live with his mother.

Throughout the sadness and despair her life has given her, Susan creates an alternate family. Audience members are delighted by the fun energy the fantasy family brings onto the stage. Her fantasy husband, Andy, played by sophomore Nick Doonan, keeps audience members on their toes as he instills passion, fright and fear into their minds. Susan’s fantasy brother, Tony, played by freshman Colin Grant, brings a comic relief to the stage with his witty banter and mischievous ways, while Susan’s daughter, Lucy, played by junior Samantha Valletta, brings a smile, laughter and love to Susan—filling the gap that Susan’s real son left.

Susan’s doctor, Bill Windsor, played by freshman Mahmoud El-zeftawy, helps to keep Susan grounded, at least for a little while before causing the audience to erupt with laughter in his portrayal as a bunny rabbit.

“Woman in Mind” closes tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 4. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults. The show begins at 7:30 in the Keith Auditorium, located in the Academic and Performance Center.

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