Dining Out, But Not Too Far

BY BRANDAN BLOM // MAY 6, 2013 //

With end-of-semester festivities upon us, including graduation, there will be plenty of opportunities to dine out. For those who want a good meal near campus, there’s little closer and better than the Suffolk Grille.

Located next to the Dunkin’ Donuts on Route 138 on the Milton/Canton line, the Grille features a formal dining room and a bar. The place isn’t perfect. The dining room is relatively small, the bar can get a little noisy, and parking is often a challenge at night. However, I believe the food and service more than make up for these shortcomings.

The Suffolk Grille offers good American food. For appetizers, you can get everything from crab cakes to clams casino—Cape Cod-style clams, bread stuffed with bacon, red peppers, garlic and onion—to more traditional dishes, such as boneless buffalo tenders and nachos. It is a good place to go have a drink and an appetizer or two. The Grille also has daily specials to choose from, and an early-bird special.

If you are interested in having a meal, they have a good variety of sandwiches, including a seasonal lobster roll. There is nothing fancy about these, but the lobster tastes fresh and they aren’t drowned in mayonnaise or butter. They’re really good.

The Grille also has other sandwiches, like hamburgers, honey mustard grilled chicken, chicken and veal Parmesan, and a classic sliced turkey. All are reasonably priced, with the lobster rolls being the most expensive, at $13

The Suffolk Grille also serves a lot of seafood dishes, like the baked haddock and George’s Island swordfish, a pan-seared swordfish center cut filet with basil, fresh asparagus, plum tomatoes & fresh mozzarella. They have regular English style fish and chips, baked stuffed shrimp, and baked sea scallops. (The person at the table next to me got the scallops, and they looked and smelled delicious!)

So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate but don’t want to travel too far from campus, try the Suffolk Grille. You won’t likely be disappointed.

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