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BY TYLER COLLINS // DEC. 2, 2013 //

When it comes to choosing an organizational app, two lead the pack. Both apps are among the best sellers around.

Evernote and Clear can both help you organize and keep track of virtually everything in your life, in a quick and easy format. But they are different.

Clear is predominately a “To- Do list” application that helps you organize and categorize your life by allowing you to create a series of lists specific to your needs. At one point, it was rated the No. 1-selling app in Apple iTunes.

The Clear app allows users to create and organize all sorts of "to-do" lists.

The Clear app allows users to create and organize all sorts of “to-do” lists.

Clear costs $1.99 and allows you to customize and sort all of your lists. The app also enables you to store all of your lists through iCloud, and to even customize your theme colors. The major benefits of the app are its vibrant and easy-to-view colors, and overall simplicity.

Evernote is another organizational app that will aid you in remembering everything worth remembering in your life. It was rated in 2010 by The New York Times as one of the “Top 10 must-have app’s” for Android-powered phones. It’s also available for Apple devices.

Evernote takes the average note application and raises it to the next level. There is a free version of Evernote, while a premium account that costs $4.99 a month. This includes the ability to lock your notes with a passcode and add or edit your notes offline.

Evernote is compatible on all of your devices (computer, phone, tablet, and online). With Evernote you can add a typed note, photo, video, voice clip, or even save a webpage to view later on any of your devices.

The best part about Evernote is you have the ability to share your notes with friends, colleagues, and classmates virtually any time you need to. With Evernote, it’s also easy to find anything you need when you need it.

Both applications are useful productivity tools, but serve different purposes. Clear is a quick and easy “to-do” list manager, while Evernote is best used when you utilize it for everything you want to remember in your life.

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