Women Rule the World

BY MOLLY SIMON // APRIL 22, 2014 //

It’s opening weekend for Curry Theatre, and the women of Troy will be taking over the Keith Auditorium.

The first showing of “The Trojan Women” is Saturday, April 26 at 7:30 p.m. Additional performances are scheduled for Sunday, April 27; Monday, April 28; and Tuesday, April 29, all at 7:30 p.m. Curry Professor Sarah Rozene-Wolski, a longtime scenic designer, is directing the play.

The story deals with emotion, love, passion, lust and violence. It is Greek tragedy at its best, although different from the norm. In “The Trojan Women,” audiences see life after the fall of Troy. The grief-stricken Trojan women discover newfound strength and begin to question the wisdom of the gods. The play was written in 415 BC by the Greek playwright Euripides, but the current version has undergone a modern adaptation.

Among the student actors this semester are Kelly O’Donnell, Ryan Gibbons, Nick Doonan, Ilana Friedman and Megan Cole.

Tickets are $10, but only $5 with a Curry ID. You can pre-order by calling (617) 333-2259, option 2.

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