Battle the Drunchies, Save Your Waistline

BY KATE HALLER // NOV. 17, 2014 //

It is that time again. The cold weather is back, the holidays are upon us, and everything is seemingly pumpkin spiced.

Fall is officially here, and so we think we have every excuse to eat processed sugar and stay bundled up in bed. But like everything, comforts should be enjoyed in small doses.

Everyone knows that alcohol consumption isn’t the only place “party” calories come from. In fact, it’s the “drunchies”—drunk munchies, that is—that hit your waistline the hardest. It’s the late-night pizza, or the fried food the morning after.

When the weather gets cold, we tend to stay inside more. And when we’re inside, we tend to eat and drink more. The key is to do so wisely, so you don’t plump up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Next time you are at a grocery story, pick up a few things to replace your next drunchie fried chicken feast. Try nuts and dried fruit. Or, if you are craving a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, try an egg white omelet with vegetables.

For those nights when you get home and want a pint of ice cream, pick up some frozen yogurt to keep in your freezer. Lastly, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, and stay away from Gatorade and sodas. They’re loaded with sugar.

If you must treat yourself, enjoy an occasional hot cocoa. I’m sure you can even get it pumpkin spiced!




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