Are You a Slacker?

BY JOSEPH CAPOZZO // April 16, 2015 //

The end of the semester is fast approaching. Exams. Research papers. Final projects. It’s a lot of stress, which begs the question: “Does it have to be?”

No! If only you weren’t such a slacker!

I’ve been called a slacker before, and in some respects I agree. But there are certain assignments I apply myself to, and there are others I simply do not enjoy or find interesting—hence, I don’t give my best effort. Then, the work piles up and the stress snowballs. Perhaps I am a slacker.

PHOTO BY LINTMACHINE, creative commons

PHOTO BY LINTMACHINE, creative commons

The definition of a slacker is a person who avoids work and responsibilities and lacks motivation, especially someone who “evades military service during a time of war,” according to Merriam-Webster. That last part seems a bit much, but do I think everyone is guilty of some slacking. Here’s the thing, though: What prevents us from learning, working and delivering to the best of our potential is the inner urge to do something—anything!—else.

What’s wrong with that, you ask?

The key to success in any industry is focus and preparation; there is no time for distractions at that level. Any wasted time means an opportunity and dollar lost. That said, you must love what you do to keep the balance between focus and sanity. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t do it because it’s distracting you from what you really want and holding back your true potential. Try this quiz to figure out if you’re a workplace slacker.

I suggest you reevaluate your lifestyle choices. Are they taking you where you want to go, or leading you in the wrong direction? Now, while you’re in college, is the time to figure things out.

Do you hate that CLAC course because it seems so pointless? How could you possibly know the value of a class if you fail to put forth your best effort? Do you hate that job of yours? Consider whether it is only a temporary source of income for pocket cash, or will it look good on a resume as you pursue an actual career.

Perspective matters. Commitment does, too. So, as the semester comes to a close, do yourself a favor and commit to becoming less of a slacker.

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