Jimmy Fund RA Program Takes Off

BY SAM PISCITELLI // NOV. 3, 2015 // 

At the end of last semester, Kayla Keany was feeling the pressure. She had exams looming and RA commitments to keep up with. It was tough for Keany to push forward, but she did so by finding happiness in helping others. That’s when she began brainstorming ideas to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.

“I love volunteering and working for others,”  said Keany, a Resident Assistant in 156 House and a junior Community Health and Wellness major. “I thought about it, and on a personal level I connected with the children and I thought it would be a great organization to sponsor.”

With the help of fellow RA and junior Community Health and Wellness major, Colleen Joyce, Keany put together a multi-step program to raise awareness and collect donations for the Jimmy Fund.

Colleen Joyce (left) and Kayla Keany (right.) PHOTO COURTESY OF KAYLA KEANY.

Colleen Joyce (left) and Kayla Keany (right.) PHOTO COURTESY OF KAYLA KEANY.

Keany contacted a representative from the the Jimmy Fund back in April and proceeded to fill out all necessary paperwork. She met with a Community Director and asked help from friends like Joyce.

“It was a lot of brainstorming and making those ideas become solid,” Keany said. “With something you really want to do that is big, you have to work towards it, and with that came a lot of time and effort.”

Keany arranged for Kate McGuirk, Assistant Director of Corporate Partnerships at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an associate for the Jimmy Fund, to appear as a guest speaker on Sunday, Nov. 8. McGuirk will be talking about the ins and outs of the Jimmy Fund, where donations go and its importance. The event will take place on the 8th at 5-6 p.m. in the Student Center’s Large Meeting Room.

When Keany received a personal phone call from McGuirk thanking her for going “above and beyond” for these children, she was beyond ecstatic. “When I got the phone call I was getting ready for the day. When I answered it my heart melted into little pieces, and I thought it was adorable,” Keany said. “Knowing that I was making the impact made me want to go above and beyond for this program.”



Keany and Joyce have collected around 42 books and homemade cards to be sent to the Jimmy Fund patients at Dana Farber. While Keany expressed saddeness at her inability to deliver the cards herself, she said she is “happy they will bring joy to these beautiful, strong children.” Keany also said her favorite part about the cards being sent to the kids is that they are all so diverse, so no child will be delivered the same card.

The “Strike out for Cancer” fundraiser will continue through the end of this month.

If you are interested in participating in the “Strike Out for Cancer” fundraiser, please contact Keany at

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