What I Have Learned Studying Abroad

BY MATTHEW CRONE // FEB. 15, 2016 //

I am only one month into my study abroad experience, and yet have already learned so much. I have not only seen personal growth within myself, but I have also become a better-rounded individual as a result.

I am currently attending the Richmond International American University in London, which gives me the perfect opportunity to gain a more globalized mindset. This university gives a wide variety of exposure to different cultures, belief systems and languages; I chose to study abroad because I felt I was not getting enough cultural exposure in America.

Matt in London. // Photo by Matthew Crone.

Matt in Berlin. Studying abroad opens up the opportunity to explore an entirely new continent. // Photo by Matthew Crone.

I plan on pursuing a career in public relations. One of most important aspects of this field is to have an in-depth understanding of diverse audiences. Without this knowledge, it becomes much more difficult to write appealing promotional materials.

Studying abroad has allowed me to learn some valuable life lessons:

  • Do not take the road that is traveled by many. In other words, go out and test your limits. The world is an ever-changing place. There is so much to do and learn in this world. Do not simply confine yourself to America, because otherwise you are only looking at the world through a narrow glass.


  • Being in another country, you begin to notice differences between America and the place you are visiting. You may even come to realize that you find that certain characteristics of a country are better than America’s. You might adapt yourself to this new way of thinking and behaving.


  • You get a better understanding of how others view Americans and it makes you become much more self-conscious about the choices you make. I have become a more globally aware citizen.


  • Being at an international school where English is not everyone’s primary language, I’ve had to learn how to adapt the language I use. I find myself explaining many phrases that I use on a day-to-day basis. It has made me think more critically about word choice and made me a better communicator.


  • Ultimately, your time is limited in college, but the opportunities are vast. Why not make the most of your time at Curry and study abroad? You will be amazed by how much you discover not only about yourself, but also the world around you.

So get on up, go to the study abroad office and make an appointment with Ned Bradford or Pat Bonarrigo and they can help you get started into looking into an invaluable experience that you will truly remember for a lifetime.

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