Spring Sports Struggle Against Mother Nature


New England weather never ceases to prove its unpredictability, especially during the spring months. As a consequence of the spring snowfall, the Curry sports teams have struggled to play out the full slate of games.

In the month of April, the Milton area has seen its days filled with some form of precipitation more times than not, resulting in five cancellations for the baseball team, and three for the softball team.

Curry College Athletic Director Vinnie Eruzione said that it has been very difficult for teams that need good weather or dry conditions (e.g. baseball, softball, tennis). The lacrosse team tends to play no matter what the weather is.

“The problem is that the season needs to end by the end of April, so finding dates to play these games becomes difficult,” said Eruzione. “Playing on back to back days is tough on the athletes not only physically, but also mentally, as they are trying to get to classes and keep up with their academic responsibilities.”

To make matters more challenging, both the baseball and softball teams mostly play double-headers. By rescheduling those cancelled games, weeks turn into marathons. The softball team has four conference games to make up — two against Johnson & Wales and two against Wentworth — and is already playing eights games a week for the final two weeks or so of the regular season.

Mikayla Lambert, a sophomore Communication major on the softball team, is just one of the athletes taking all of these cancellations in stride as the season pushes into mid-April.

“We are from New England so we have to be prepared that on any day, we could have all types of variations of weather,” said Lambert. “The season does not stop just because the weather chose not to cooperate that day.”

According to the NCAA rulebook, teams must complete their conference schedule in order to be considered for tournament play. But so far this spring, it’s been a challenge to get all of the games in.

Eruzione said that the Commonwealth Coast Conference has a protocol to follow for rescheduling games, noting that a problem occurs when you have multiple games cancelled and no place to put them.

Eruzione went on to say that this spring has been similar to last season as far as cancellations go. Last year, the Milton area saw record snowfall totals, spanning into the spring months where multiple games were impacted. Nonetheless, the Curry baseball team secured the Commonwealth Coast Conference title last season.

If the weather continues to be a hindrance, Curry sports teams should expect to see less games on the schedule. Eruzione said that the non-conference games will be taken off the schedule so the teams will qualify for the tournament.

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