Parking Causing Student Frustration

BY TIM NOONAN // OCT. 3, 2016 //

There has been much frustration on the Curry campus regarding parking policies. Although restrictions on where students can park are necessary, are they correctly enforced by Public Safety?

Depending on what color sticker they have, students are allowed to park in lots with the same color. Student drivers, who pay the $250 annual fee, are issued one of six different colored parking stickers that all carry different parking privileges with them.

According to the Curry College Parking policy, Students who have completed two full semesters may have a vehicle on campus. However, students accommodations based on disability and/or medical needs can contact Disability Services. The policy continues that “Curry’s parking policy reflects our commitment to wanting first-year students to become truly engaged in and contribute to the academic and community life of the College. We believe that vehicles represent an unhelpful distraction for first-year students.”

Although it may seem like a lot of options, there are a number of restrictions. When parking in lots that allow any permit, such as the Athletic Field or Mayflower lots, students cannot park before 6:30 p.m. or on weekends and holidays. Because most students need to park during the daytime, this is not realisticparking

“I find it if I don’t park 15 minutes early, then it’s hard to park, long walks make you want to drive to park for time but you can’t without getting a ticket,” said senior Nursing major Denise Flores.

Some lots, such as the Levin Library, have severe limitations regarding your sticker color and time limit on how long you can park there.

Students who live on North side of are prohibited from parking in the Student Center lot, and those who can park there are limited to only 3 hours of parking at a time.

Barak Swartz, a junior Communication major expressed his frustration openly, “I think it’s stupid that as a north campus resident, I can’t park in the student center lot until 6:30.” He continued his rant by saying “A $250 pass for the year is bologna.”

Rules regarding parking are necessary, but the question is how fair are these policies? Some students disagree with the rules and desire change.

Senior Criminal Justice major Emilee Purdy when asked if the situation is fair answered, “Not at all! It’s unfair they restrict where we are allowed to park.”

Students can only hope school officials will look into the problems and try to accommodate student’s wishes regarding the parking policies on campus.

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  1. A few years ago when I went to Curry they never restricted parking in the athletic lot…I only parked there since I never bought a sticker. I also never got tickets when parking in Kennedy…I guess times have changed.

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