AA Meetings on Campus

BY STEVEN SOUSA // Feb. 28 2017 //

Members of the Curry Community struggling with alcoholism can now seek out the help they need with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings now being hosted on campus.

The meetings were introduced to Curry at the beginning of the spring 2017 semester and so far have been well received.  

“The community has been showing up, it was a need hearing from faculty, staff, parents and students for quite some time,” said Michele McGraw, coordinator of Substance Abuse and Wellness. “It is a regular AA meeting and students, faculty, and staff are coming and we also have it open to the community.”

Students do not need to have a current problem with alcohol abuse to join AA.  According to Mcgraw, the only thing that you need is to want to live a sober lifestyle and the need or want to stop drinking.  

“We have some students come to these meetings just to learn more about what AA is, not necessarily because they need the services themselves,” said McGraw.unnamed

The goal of these meetings it to create an environment of support for whoever needs it.  

So far the meetings consist of discussions, literature review, speakers and presentations. These presenters include members of other AA groups and individuals in recovery who are willing to share their story.  

These meetings are legitimate Alcoholic Anonymous sponsored events; as the school is not solely in charge of the meetings. The Substance Abuse and Wellness Education department works with the regional AA Boston office to bring the meetings to campus.  

The true anonymity should not be a concern to any student that decides to join.  McGraw reiterated that there is no attendance list and that the gatherings are completely confidential.  

“We do have students who are living a sober lifestyle that continue needing support,” said McGraw about the need for AA.

Students and faculty alike have utilized the new service.  “We do have faculty and staff members who are also in AA and have been in AA for many, many years and have found that AA has been a huge support in their life.”

Curry’s Substance Abuse and Wellness Education department hosts the AA meetings on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the ARC.  It is open to all members of the community, on and off campus.  


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