Curry Implements New Bias-Protocol System

BY TYLER MILLIKEN // April 17, 2017 //

Dating back to last semester, reports of bias have been flying around campus; attacking students in every race, gender, sexuality, you name it.

These incidents have not been confined to a certain grade or culture or age. So in response, a new Bias Protocol System has been implemented to address the issues and help the targeted students.

The consistently offensive behavior aimed at numerous groups has impacted students significantly. There were some periods where students were afraid to walk alone on campus due to threats and bullying.

At the moment, Curry is working deliberately to overcome these tough times. The focus is on making students and faculty feel safe every day of the week.

Vice President of Student Affairs, Maryellen Kiley, provided some insight into how Curry College views the recent activity on campus.

“The College really takes pride in the fact that this is a community that respects each other and that there is absolutely no place for bias or hate of any kind,” Kiley vocalized, at a student government meeting on March 1st.

As Curry College continues to implement their Bias Protocol System into campus life, their motive is centered on accomplishing one specific task.

“The goal of this protocol is to continue to support the College’s efforts to be an inclusive community by ensuring a consistent, timely response to allegations of bias incidents on campus that promotes accountability, quells intolerance, and asserts our commitment to embracing differences and transparent communication,” Kiley explained, in an email sent out to students in late February.

If a bias incident is spotted on campus, it can be reported in three different ways now. Students can alert a person of authority at Curry, who will let Public Safety know of the issue. Public Safety can also be contacted directly, at (617) 333-2222, day or night.

The newest method joining the party is an online form. Students, faculty, and staff can now go to the Student Life tab on the myCurry Portal and go visit the Dean of Students page. Further down the page is a description on how to fill out a report.

Anyone who fills out the form can remain anonymous if desired and still bring attention to any type of bias incident.

The newest feature brought to Curry with the Bias Response Protocol system is the Bias Incident Report Team. In an email sent out to students in February, Maryellen Kiley laid out the responsibilities of the team while also identifying who will make up the exclusive team.

“The BIRT is an appointed and trained group of students, staff, and faculty members whose charge is to review reports of alleged bias incidents on campus, support individuals and groups involved and/or affected by an incident, and develop and communicate the appropriate institutional response as outlined in the Bias Response Protocol,” Kiley detailed.

It’s been months since Curry made local headlines due to hate crimes on campus, and students are still upset with the way these situations are being handled. The Bias Response Protocol system is hopefully the first step towards the student body minimizing the frequency and effects of this disruptive behavior.

As this new system continues to evolve and become a key fixture at Curry College, students can work right alongside those affected in order to create an even safer community around campus.


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