Katz Gymnasium Transforms Into Flu Clinic 

BY SAMANTHA MANCUSO // Oct. 12, 2017 //

The Katz Gymnasium is usually reserved for athletics, but Wednesday afternoon it was turned into a flu clinic.

Maxim Healthcare Systems brought nurses and vaccinations to Curry College to help prevent four different strains of the influenza virus.

One of those nurses, Richard Berman, elaborated on what their goal is.

“Our flu vaccine helps prevent four different strains of the flu virus,” Berman explained. “We come here with our vaccine, syringes, medical wipes and snacks for anyone who could use them.”

Maxim Healthcare comes to Curry College and other colleges and business annually to provide their services. The frequency of their visits does depend on the season according to Secretary Kathy Gallello.

“We come annually but if the campus asks us to come back at any point of the year, we do,” Gallello noted. “Last year we were here twice, it depends on the type of flu season. Sometimes the flu is resistant to the vaccines so we come back with more to help students here.”

It is extremely easy for a student to receive a flu shot. Vaccines are covered by most insurance including Aetna, Blue Cross of MA, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Neighborhood Health and ConnectiCare. Students simply have to provide their health insurance card and will be seen within minutes.

Gallello noted the traffic to their stations was a bit delayed, but a lack of insurance does not mean a lack of vaccination.

Gallello stated, “We just started getting busy around 1:00. The wait is usually 10 minutes long and every student who comes is seen. If a student is not covered by insurance we accept payment by cash or check for $28.”

The need for getting a shot to prevent the flu every year was expressed by Berman when he said, “Getting a flu shot often protects you from coming down with the flu. Although the flu shot doesn’t always provide total protection, it’s worth getting.”

One member of the junior class, Matthew Burrnett noted that he sees that value and annually gets vaccinated.

“I tend to get sick a lot during the fall,” Burrnett explained. “I’m happy that Curry has their flu clinic because it makes it easy for me to prevent getting sick.”

On the other hand, Burrnett feels like an opportunity by the wayside for those who chose not get their arms pricked by a needle and vaccination.

“I think it’s a mistake not to get one,” said Burrnett. “The shot is basically free so why not take advantage of that?”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone six months or older be vaccinated annually against the influenza virus.

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