Nightmare at Curry College

BY JACK SUPINO // OCT. 14, 2017 //

As the sun set over Milton, Curry students faced their fears on Friday the 13th by daring to enter a haunted house right here on campus.

Students who volunteered to be part of the Haunted Stu dressed up in clown costumes and wore creepy masks to scare their classmates in a haunted house constructed by the Student Center team.

“I’m on the supervisory board for theater and they came in asking for actors. So I volunteered,” said senior communication major Joe Capozzo. “Bringing fear up to people that are safe and controlled allows people to [give control of] being safe back to the actors. There’s no real danger it’s like a horror movie.”

Actors of the haunted house didn’t have any rehearsal time, simply doing their best impersonations of terrifying creatures; and having a lot of fun doing it.

FullSizeRender (1)

Student volunteers dressed up in scary costumes to give their classmates a fright at the Haunted Stu. // IMAGE BY Jack Supino //

“They asked for actors from Curry Theater and needed ten spots filled. It looked like fun so I wanted to do it,” said Martha Konstantinidis, a senior communication major.

Group after group walked through the door, looking back to wave their friends one last goodbye, not knowing what to expect next.

The haunted house was forty-five feet long and turned Westhaver Park into a giant maze filled with creepy creatures around every corner as well as a combination of strobe lights and other effects.

“I felt really excited because I love haunted houses,” said first year communication major Olivia Hull. “The strobe lights made it lot scarier for me, because it made it hard to tell what was a real person about to jump out at us or if it was just a decoration.”

FullSizeRender (2)

Scary Clown was the theme for many of the actors. // IMAGE CREDIT Curry Student Center //

Overall, the Haunted Stu received positive feedback as an exciting attraction to get students ready for the upcoming spooky Halloween season.

“The haunted house was awesome, it was surprisingly much scarier and better than I expected,” said freshman nursing major Chloe Rosa.

“Honestly it was fun getting to scare people and actually see a Curry event be fun,” said sophomore science major Ryan Gamble, who was one of the actors. “I would love to do it again.”

However, freshman communication major Alex Fanikos suggested that next time Curry has a haunted house to “make it longer and maybe involve the Student Center and have it go through one of those buildings.”

Freaky Friday the 13th was also Fun Friday the 13th thanks to the Curry Student Center, a makeshift haunted house, and some super scary students.

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