Curry Sports

Curry Hockey’s Ace Up Their Sleeve

By Alex Bouchard, Curry Times Correspondent

If you were to enter the Canton Ice House on any given day, you would likely go about your
business completely unaware of the Curry College hockey team’s inhabitants in the multi-sheet
metal box. However, if you are lucky enough to venture into the northwestern most corner of the
arena behind the ice surface you would arrive at the doors to Curry Hockey’s most prized
possession, their brand-new locker room.

By NCAA standards the new operating quarters for the Men’s ice hockey team at Curry College
are nothing short of top notch at the Division III level. State-of-the-art coaching offices, fully
loaded laundry room and a stunning rectangular dressing room equipped with hand-crafted
mahogany changing stalls for each player highlight the amenities provided to the players and

However, what often gets overlooked could possibly be the most important room in the entire
facility. Adjacent to the dressing room lies the athletic trainers’ room, where Mariah Hansen of
Swampscott, MA keeps the well-oiled machine that is Curry hockey, operational.

Athletic Trainer, Mariah Hansen, assists with Men’s hockey player, Kalle Sundell.

On a recent morning, the college dorm sized room is not lacking any action. Anchored by
two occupied massage tables, no bigger than a single bed, Mariah sits at her desk assessing the
best course of action for her two newest patients.

“From 6 a.m., working with the women’s basketball team until I finish up here at 11:30 it is pretty
hectic,” Mariah explained in between applying another ice bag to the ankle of senior forward
Viktor Janssen. “But that’s what I love about it, it keeps me on my toes.”

Almost in a simultaneous motion, as she completed wrapping the one player’s ankle in ice, she
was on to the next wounded athlete, attending to his needs and solving the problems he could

Observing the clockwork-like precision to which she operated in, it would be impossible to
imagine this was anything short of a passion for Mariah. The loud beeping of the electronic stim machine– like that of a microwave timer going off –was the only thing powerful enough to disrupt her circadian rhythm of operations.

That is why, it comes as no surprise that healthcare has been a passion of Mariah’s for the greater
part of her life.

“In high school I spent a lot of time around our athletic trainer, and I knew that I wanted to be
involved in the medical field from a very young age,” Mariah exclaimed. “My advisor at the time
took notice and suggested the career to me and I went for it.”

Admittedly, it is the human aspect of it all that makes her work worth it.

“Watching the athletes succeed, knowing they have their trust in me.” said Mariah, unable to
contain her grin. “Watching the whole process through to the end, that’s what makes it all

Trainer Mariah Hansen works with hockey player, Kalle Sundell, in the new training facilities at the Curry hockey training room.

There may not be any better microcosm for that sentiment then today, as one of Mariah’s
recovering athletes is set to return to full competition for the first time in over two weeks.
Junior defensemen, Kalle Sundell, is set to hit the ice the following evening for Curry hockey’s first
competition of the year. Kalle is a testament to the work that Mariah is doing for the Men’s
hockey program.

“As a student when you get injured it can be very frustrating,” Kalle sighed. “The positive
attitude and mindset that Mariah brings to her treatment helped me to become invested in my
recovery and speed up the process.”

Curry College hockey recently kicked off their 2021 abbreviated schedule and in a year of uncertainty one thing holds true. If it weren’t for Mariah Hansen working as the glue that holds them together, they would not be skating into the season in one piece.

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