Theatre Students In Final Preparations for Black Box Event

By Nicholas Calvino, Currier Times Staff////

Theatre space is getting prepped for end-of-the-semester productions. Photo by Nicholas Calvino

With final touches on sets, and actors and directors going through their preparations, it is almost time for Curry Theatre’s Black Box Theatre productions. Each semester, Black Box is presented on its own stage behind the seats of the main theatre. This semester’s Black Box will be held on November 13th, 14th, and 15th.

The actors of this production are excited for it to premiere.

“Pumped for it but I’m still nervous,” said Connor Harrington, a junior Communication major. “It’s my first time as a theater actor.”

The director of Theatre, Professor Marcy Holbrook, is very excited about this production.

“We’re still in progress but I think everyone is working hard,” Holbrook said. “I think we’ll be where we need to be when they perform. I’m proud of my young actors.”

This production includes the play’s Loyalties, Attack of the Moral Fuzzies, The Mule, Philadelphia, and Road to Ruin.

The audience cap for this event is 50%, according to the college’s Covid restrictions. Students and visitors will also have to wear masks during the performance and inside any buildings on campus.

There will be students selling tickets at the Student Center and Keith auditorium. The tickets cost $10 each person. It’s the same price for students and visitors.

The term “Black Box” is usually what that part of the theater is called because it has black walls and background. At Curry College, when you enter through the magical doors of Keith auditorium the black box is typically a platform in the center of the two seating sections when you walk in, so make sure you get there early for a good seat.

Even though the actors and actresses have butterflies, they can’t wait to make this experience enjoyable for everyone and we hope to see you there to give the theater community some support.

“Super excited but still nervous,” said Henry Hamilton, a first year Communicaiton major. “I’m 100% excited!”

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