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PHOTO GALLERY: Hidden Gems on Curry Campus

By COM Department’s Photojournalism Class///

Professor Nina Hofman’s Photojournalism class took a morning walk around our campus to capture the hidden gems throughout Curry. Photos taken from the Front Gate to the Academic Quad encapture the hidden beauty found all throughout our campus.

Curry’s campus sits on the outskirts of the Blue Hills Reservation, home to vast natural beauty and ever-changing foliage. Curry College’s landscape is appealing from afar, but when viewed up close, so much more can be seen hidden throughout our campus. Even from the entrance, you can see the beautiful sights all around.

Flower Baskets at Campus Entrance – Curry College (Olivia Haney)
Tree Outside of Kennedy Building (Olivia Haney)
Branch of Tree at Kennedy Academic Building (Itelvina Goncalves)
Seasonal Foliage Changing at the Tennis Courts (Itelvina Goncalves)
Landscape in front of Student Center (Olivia Haney)
In front of the Levin Library in the Academic Quad (Shannon Muldoon)
Outside of the Learning Commons (Emma Keyes)
Entrance of the Learning Commons (Shannon Muldoon)

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  1. Picturesque photos with a lot of wonderful memories for me as both an associate lecturer and as a Curry student over the years. Curry is a wonderful place to learn.

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