Stabbing on Curry Campus; Suspect Still on the Loose

By Conor Hanlon and Grant Catuna, Currier Times Staff///

Early Sunday morning, a Curry College student living in South Campus Residence Hall was stabbed by a non-student between the hours of 2:30 and 3 a.m., according to Curry Public Safety. The student was taken to Milton Hospital and was treated and then released.

Curry College Public Safety has released an Instagram post, asking people to provide any information about the incident. The school has determined that this is an isolated issue and there is no ongoing threat to the school.

Director of Public Safety, Paul King, says that Public Safety has “video of the person coming onto campus, coming into the building, leaving campus, and now it’s just identifying that person.”

Public Safety is working alongside Milton PD and Boston PD due to the closeness Milton has to Boston to help find and identify the person who is responsible.

The Currier Times has reviewed student video taken in the aftermath of the altercation. The incident happened on the second floor of SCRH and more than twenty people were in the area where the stabbing occurred. The video shows the victim with a wound on his left arm and blood on his clothing and floor.

Senior Criminal Justice major, Tim Levakis, told The Currier Times he was in SCRH about an hour before the incident.

“When I came back from work around 1:30 there were crowds of people hanging outside my suite in SCRH,” Levakis said. “Many of these people I’ve never seen before, like they don’t go to Curry. I heard from people that I knew that there was yelling and fighting before I came back to my suite. A little bit later, I didn’t see what happened, but I heard from people that someone was stabbed. I saw two people fighting from a safe distance and that’s where I saw the blood everywhere and the student had a bloody t-shirt and paper towels on his left arm.”

The graphic incident has left him questioning whether or not students are safe on campus.

“It’s so easy to get on campus now. Yes, I know we have cameras everywhere on campus but that doesn’t stop people from doing things like that,” Levakis said. “It’s great we have cameras all over but that doesn’t make me feel safe after what happened.”

Fellow Senior Criminal Justice Major, Chris Ulrich, details how and when he heard the news of the incident.

“I had first heard of the puncturing incident Sunday morning via a group text with my roommates,” said Ulrich. “We all live in SCRH so we had caught word of this quickly from other friends and other members who live in this dorm. I heard that someone was breaking up a fight very early in the morning 3-4 a.m. or so and was stabbed in the arm.”

Ulrich added, “I don’t feel less safe walking around by myself but especially since the person who was punctured is seemingly a very nice kid who just put himself in an awkward position where maybe he should have called Public Safety, but then again, I have broken up fights in the past and have not even considered that I would be stabbed in this kind of altercation.”

Students who know the stabbing victim say he is doing OK, but he is experiencing pain in his arm. They added he was not involved in the initial altercation, but just trying to break it up.

Public Safety says all forces are hard at work to identify the motive, the weapon, and the person.

“We do not know what the weapon is. It could have been a knife, an ice pick, or a letter opener. It could have been anything,” King said.

King urges anyone who has any sort of information to come forward and to reach out to Public Safety.

“We have our videos, but we do not have a video of the incident itself right now,” King said. “Please come to our offices, you can call us at our number, or even use the anonymous tip line. You can even reach out to Milton PD and request their detective division. They can help as well.”

Public Safety’s number is 617-333-2222 and their email is For those who don’t want their name attached if they provide information, Public Safety offers an anonymous tip line, and you can reach them at

In an email to the Curry community, President Kenneth Quigley reiterated that safety of students is the number one priority.

“The care and safety of our students is of the utmost importance,” he said in the statement. “Student Affairs professionals are taking all appropriate steps to support our students, as well as reinforcing to them the importance of following College protocols on allowing access of non-residents to College residence halls. Counseling services are available to students seeking immediate support by calling the Counseling Center 24-hour student support line at (617) 333-2908.”

This is a developing story and The Currier Times will update information as it comes in.

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  1. So sad! I send my thoughts and prayers to the students who witnessed this incident and to the victim and his family. 🙏🙏🙏

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