College Releases Ed Davis Consultant Report on Curry’s Safety Preparedness

By Olivia Perron, Currier Times Staff///

Ed Davis, seen here in a file photo when he spoke on the Curry campus, now runs a consulting company. The college released his findings on the college’s safety preparedness in the wake of the hate crimes last Spring.

Following a string of hate crimes on Curry’s campus last Spring, the Ed Davis Security firm was brought on to evaluate the college’s overall security on campus. The Ed Davis company is led by former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. The report was recently distributed to college faculty and staff.

The 33-page document reviewed procedures from the Front Gate, to the residence halls, along with public spaces and classrooms.

“The Ed Davis Company (EDC) Team conducted campus-wide physical and technological systems walkthrough to assist in a safety and security vulnerability analysis, defining, and outlining the level of risk of its findings,” The Ed Davis Report said.

Within the report a CRIMECAST CAP report was included. Based on a one mile radius from 1071 Blue Hill Avenue, the CAP index score is 65 with a score of 64 for crimes against persons and 34 for crimes against property. Based on a score from 0-2000 with 0 being the lowest possible risk, and the national average being 100, the college has a score of 65 which is lower than the national average.

The document highlighted several safety categories within the report. After The Currier Times read the report this is the breakdown for recommendations on campus.

Front Gate
The Ed Davis report recommended keeping the front gate closed 24/7 rather than being open during class hours.

Residence Halls
The Ed Davis report recommends an upgrade from hard keys to key card access to individual resident hall rooms. If key card access was not applicable they recommended room keys be stamped with a serial number and record. The locks on each resident hall room should be rotated at the end of each year. They recommended a visitor management system be implemented by the college.

As the college already discourages, the report discouraged piggybacking on ID swipes into resident halls for security and log purposes.

The report recommends annual drills and exercises for emergency scenarios in conjunction with first responders. They also recommend yearly training for the community in emergency preparedness.

Public Safety
They recommend a night time dispatcher or extra officer at night be implemented for dispatch purposes in order to have ample officers on patrol at night.

College Reaction to the Report
Curry College officials responded to The Currier Times with a statement. “The College has assigned a working committee, including members from the Emergency Preparedness Committee and the Health and Safety Committee, to review report recommendations and outline actionable steps.”

The statement added, “The report concluded that, overall, the College responded swiftly and appropriately to the incidents of racist and anti-Semitic graffiti on campus last spring. Public Safety worked with the Buildings and Grounds Department to quickly add additional security cameras, and collaborated with local, state, and federal law enforcement on the investigation.”

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