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Spring Break Sights

PHOTOS BY MIKE SNOW, TREVON NILES, AND MICHAEL DAVIS // MARCH 19, 2019 // Another spring break has come and gone. Some stayed closed to home. Some headed south to escape the snow and cold, while others headed north to enjoy even more. Some even headed west to seek adventure. Students in Professor Nina Hoffman’s photojournalism course captured their spring […]

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Finding the Words to Tackle Hate Speech

BY KELLY LEWICKI // MARCH 7, 2019 // As most people at Curry College already know, a threatening message was scrawled on a bathroom stall in the Hafer Academic Building last week. But, like many of the previous hate speech incidents that have occurred on campus in recent years, students are questioning the manner in which college officials and the […]

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Kicking Out Commencement

BY KELSEY DAVIS // FEBRUARY 25, 2019 // At the end of last year, Dean of Students Maryellen Kiley and the Class of 2019 started to assess whether Curry has outgrown the space that we have on campus. Curry students took a vote and this year, for the first time ever, Curry College is moving the commencement ceremony from Blue […]

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Winter Adventures in and Around Boston

BY ZACHARY MULLER // FEBRUARY 17, 2019 // The benefit of being so close to Boston is that if you’re looking for a fun night out, the city provides many options. Here are some events/things to do that might spark an interest: Ice Skating – The Boston Common Frog PondThis is the perfect way to spend a cold afternoon. It’s […]