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Opinion: SGA President Zoe Staude

BY ZOE STAUDE // OCT. 24 2017 // As someone who loves Curry College and everything it has to offer, I have never been more ashamed and disappointed with what I have seen in a place that I trust. In a place that I am supposed to call “home.” I love our community and I care for all of us […]

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Student Opinion: “When One Bleeds, We All Do.”

BY MICHELA FLOWERS // OCT. 17, 2017 // Michela Flowers is a sophomore psychology major. Flowers recently came forward as one of the four students affected by the succession of bias incidents on campus. Here, Flowers expresses her opinions and concerns with the Curry College Administration as well as how they handle these incidences on campus. The administration that runs […]

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BY JAMES DEZIEL // DEC. 12, 2016 // The crowd sits in quiet anticipation.  An announcer informs the crowd of the emergency exit locations and the lights begin to dim.  The crowd that’s been eagerly waiting for the show to start get their wish.   The opening guitar riff of Green Day’s titular track ‘American Idiot’ begin to play (courtesy […]