Campus Food: Is it Any Good?

By Michael Cotton, Currier Times Staff////

Covid has changed food services on campus, but students will always have an opinion on quality!

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been many changes to the Curry College campus, especially within the Student Center. In a randomized survey by the Currier Times, a few students on the Curry campus were able to speak their mind on whether they believe the food has gotten better or not. 

These students didn’t hold back in explaining why they believed the food here was better than last year or not. Senior, Megan Callahan, said she’s seen improvements.

“It’s not bad… I’m usually able to find things I like,” Callahan laughed. “I feel like it’s gotten a little bit better than last year.”

First-year student, Peyton McGrath, also stood his ground about how good the food is here.

“My roommate complains, but I don’t really mind it,” said McGrath. “To me it’s just healthy food.”

Other Curry students had varying opinions. Junior, Morgan O’Brien, said while she’s not a huge fan, she thinks it has improved in the past year.

“I think it’s gotten better since last year,” said O’Brien. “But I don’t think it’s good.” 

Sophomore, Jovina Monteiro, has personal favorites, but can’t necessarily enjoy them anymore.

“Last year was better,” Monteiro said. “There was more variety last year.” 

Whether students love the food or hate it, one thing everyone seems to agree on. When the food trucks come to campus, there will always be a line for them!

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