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Latino Student Union Hosts ‘Carnival del Barrio’ for Curry Community

BY LUCAS FERREIRA // Oct. 15, 2017 // The Latino Student Union showed its flair for events on campus this semester with the recent Carnival del Barrio in the Katz Gymnasium. The event, which translates from Spanish to ‘Neighborhood Carnival,’ was organized by LSU to bring a greater degree of diversity forward on Curry College’s campus. Columbia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, […]

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Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Happy

BY KILEY FARRELL // MARCH 3, 2015 // Spring Break is right around the corner, which means more motivation for eating right and exercising to get the body of your dreams. But then you find yourself eating Domino’s in bed at 2 a.m. We’ve all done it. Between attending classes, doing homework, working, and—of course—napping, it really does seem like […]

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Dining Services: Choice and Need

BY EDDY SEGAL // DEC. 15, 2014 // Students often complain. And when it comes to their food, they don’t hold back. However, according to Christian King, executive chef for Curry College’s Dining Services, a lot of factors go into what is and what is not offered on the menu. [youtube]

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Eating Well, Even at College

BY KATE HALLER // SEPT. 30, 2014 // We are all guilty of entering the dining hall with good intentions of eating healthy. But then we see the cheesy, greasy, mouthwatering pizza. At the beginning of my freshman year I literally ate only salad for dinner, fearful of gaining the much discussed “Freshman Fifteen.” That eating like a bird thing […]

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Budgeting for the Broke Student

BY TAYLOR EVANS // MARCH 19, 2014 // The majority of college students are broke; it’s just the way it is. I know I am. After working all summer we often think we’ll have enough money to last us through the next academic year, but it never works out that way. If you are the rare few that isn’t broke, […]